Game Night Movie Release Date

Game Night Movie Release Date
Game Night Movie Release Date
Game Night Movie Release Date
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Game Night Movie Release Date. Game Night had a premise that could have potential, but I still wasn’t sold on it. I don’t mind board games but I’m more of a video game kind of guy. While elements of the plot can feel familiar (several of the movie’s subplots barely skirt cliche, a rivalry between brothers, tensions over having a baby etc.) like any good comedy, its when the plot shifts that you need to start pulling out things from your bag of tricks. Game Night moves at a quick clip and the central mystery never stops being interesting. Is it realistic? No. But I thought it was plausible enough that I didn’t have to start picking it apart. I was too busy having fun and even when you think you have this thing solved, it kicks up a couple of notches introducing new characters and some plot twists.

If you can follow the plot along, the next thing you need are some funny characters. Game Night doesn’t lack for those fortunately. Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are funny but it more comes out of the actors’ chemistry than how much you like them. There were 2 characters that really stole the show for me. The first was Gary (Jesse Plemons) Max and Annie’s painfully awkward neighbour. Awkward comedy is so hard to get right but Plemons hits just the right note and he plays it for all its worth. The other standout was Ryan (Billy Magnuson) who was just so dumb in a completely entertaining way. Between those two, I was in stitches the entire time and I wouldn’t mind seeing another adventure with the Game Night crew.

Game Night Movie Release Date
Game Night Movie Release Date

What maybe surprised me the most about Game Night was that it had a slick sense of style. The car chase scenes aren’t amazing but for 2 directors primarily known for comedy, they more than get the job done. There’s a chase scene in a house where the camera is constantly moving and swiveling around the characters that was cool. The scene transitions use nice visuals like a scale model of the neighbourhood, even the title cards introducing the studio were fun with the game pieces falling in the background. This movie was actually shot and filmed well despite being a comedy and that’s a rare accomplishment.

Game Night isn’t populated by the A-list, but you have a group of actors/actresses that all deliver reliably. Jason Bateman is as consistent as you get for a leading man comedian and he holds up his bit of the movies with ease. Rachel McAdams is a constantly underrated talent, she’s funny here but as I mentioned above, her chemistry with Bateman is great and carries the movie initially. Kyle Chandler does a good job playing against type as Brooks, he’s versatile and its hard to believe it was the same guy in Friday Night Lights. As I mentioned earlier as well, Jessie Plemons and Billy Magnusson were my two favourites in the supporting cast, they’re awesome. Sharon Hogan, Kylie Bunbury and New Girl alum Lamorne Morris round out the cast with some fun comedic performances respectively.

The final thing that I want to mention is that if you didn’t get it from the above paragraphs, the movie is also hilarious. There are several scenes that elicited multiple chuckles from me and even when something misses, the movie moves on so quickly that it doesn’t give you time to process that miss. The structured jokes and the one-offs all worked pretty consistently for me and I have no complaints about the movie not performing on what it needed to get right the most.

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Going into the theatre, I thought Game Night had some fun ideas, but I really wasn’t expecting anything great. Comedies are very hot/cold, what you think is funny, someone else might be rolling their eyes. I really loved the first Horrible Bosses and that’s what gave me some hope for this. This movie completely blew away my expectations. I saw this with a good friend and we were cackling throughout. They have some memorable characters, the performances range from solid to great across the board, and even with being really funny, they do interesting things with the plot like a couple of genuinely unexpected plot twists. I loved this movie, it doesn’t earn a perfect grade, but I would put this in my top comedies that I’ve seen in the theatre lately. If you’re a fan of dark/adult comedy, this is worth going out of your way to see. See Game Night Movie Release Date an watch movie now.


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