Get Out (2017) – An Intense Funny Dark Horror Movie

Get Out (2017) – An Intense Funny Dark Horror Movie
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I wanna start by saying this is probably the only horror film I can think of where the comedy didn’t ruin the movie, but actually made it better. Shaun of the dead is pretty good, but every other comedy/horror movie I have seen, SUCKED. I usually say that horror and comedy should never be put together, mostly because the mixing ruins two genres that are mostly great on their own. But Get Out did a brilliant job mixing comedy and horror in a way that I have never quite seen before.

Get Out (2017) - An Intense Funny Dark Horror Movie
Get Out (2017) – An Intense Funny Dark Horror Movie (Source:

This movie actually both scared me and made me laugh and I didn’t come out hating the movie. It is a very different movie, also a very political movie, at least I think so. I really thought this movie was going to be terrible after watching the trailer, but now I am really happy I have seen it. I am not really a horror movie fan, but the thing I think this movie did so well was not to depend on hardcore violence, quick camera movement, shock, effects, and nothing that make the bad horror movies bad. I have personally seen more bad horror movies than good, which is why I usually stay away from them.

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The thing I love about Get Out is that it is scary in a truly psychological sense that not many horror movies still use. And it does it brilliantly, one second you will be laughing, the next you will be scared out of your mind. The way it does it is brilliant because every bad guy is very nice, good looking, political correct, and that makes it even more creepy. I am so grateful I can finally point to a good modern day horror movie. But again, this movie was great, and I think it sends a message that most do not want to hear, but people need to hear. The racists there are most of now doesn’t go around beating up black people or anything of the kind, they mostly do not know they are racist.

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People who are racist but knows it is wrong, so every time there is a black joke he will go insane just to prove he is not racist, people who wouldn’t care if they voted for Barack Obama or Ben Carson as long as they can say they voted for a black person. People who constantly have to remind themselves they are not racist because they voted for Obama, or they are not homophobic because they have a gay friend. The racists that make sure no one speaks in a way that they find uncomfortable, the racist that will say you are racist if you say Mexican instead of Latino American. The racist that will say it is wrong to have your kid dress up as an Indian for Halloween.

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That is the message I think this movie is trying to Get Out. Just so you know this is just my opinion of what the movie is saying. If you really want to know it’s message, you will just have to watch the movie, to get your own opinion. Anyway this is definitely one of 2017 best movies, and I would recommend to everyone. I hope you found this review helpful and I hope you will love the movie as much as I do.


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