[Review] God’s Own Country: The love story between two lonely men

[Review] God’s Own Country: The love story between two lonely men
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God’s Own Country review is one of the best gay films of all time, not only because of its thorough understanding of the way it is performed, but also because of its ergonomics and story guidance. exemplified by Francis Lee.

Category: Drama, Romance

Directed by: Francis Lee

Actor: Josh O’Connor, Gemma Jones, Harry Lister Smith

God’s Own Country is Francis Lee’s first film. The work is said to have been inspired by the true story of the British director, when he was forced to make a difficult choice between staying in a family farm to work or going to drama school. . The personal nature of God’s Own Country is somewhat expressed by the harmony of the way the film builds up the plot, develops the plot and the emotional aspects are in the background of the dark background of love and family affection.

God’s Own Country is set in an idyllic Yorkshire country setting and revolves around a young gay man named Johnny Saxby (played by Josh O’Connor), a 20 year old alcoholic. Life style. When the work of the plantation began to face the problem, especially in the situation Johnny increasingly neglected work and health conditions are bad at all due to the rainy night, his father (Ian Hart) decided hire more people to help. A Romanian immigrant named Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) has applied for the position.

The affection between a Saxby and a Gheorghe begins to emerge from it, but instead of being wistful and looking like a default that will occur in a purely romantic film, this affair Developed in a very natural way with the psychological character building model and depth. The two boys, with their face full of anxiety and indifferent thoughts, come together through a difficult-to-speak affinity as well as pure sexual attraction, giving a true sense of the story.

God’s Own Country is full of details, full of thoughts about a quiet, sad and isolated world, not only related to the reality of poor British suburbs, it also has the unusual complex world of Johnny and Gheorghe – the image representing contemporary gay. Although this is only his first directorial work, Francis Lee shows an incredible amount of interest in the way he uses physical language, arranges graphic representations of the same nature as the subject matter. To create more thickness for meaningful layers.

The unique feature of God’s Own Country’s lead is in the way that Johnny’s sex reveals itself. Johnny is a gay man who does not seem to be a big secret to all those around him. But he still has to hide, hid the truth, and become alienated from all, whether it’s one-on-one or close friends. This contradiction of personality is very interesting and intriguing as it brings a new perspective that is extremely unrealistic on the big screen of the LGBT world. And transsexual.

Thanks to the land of the show, Josh O’Connor’s character Johnny Saxby was thoroughly exploited and every aspect of his personality was exposed, through innumerable background instinct and hidden scenes. Colorful symbol and many metaphor. Josh O’Connor on the other hand also successfully completed the assigned role and became one of the brightest spots on film. His ardent acting as Johnny is at the heart of God’s Own Country, a major source of life and an effective tool for director Francis Lee to highlight the core ideas he intends to put on film.

God’s Own Country relieves knots relatively well, but objectively speaking, is not really so perfect. If the beginning and middle of the scene are fairly neatly and uniformly rhythmic and rhythmic, the final scene is less sharp when not properly highlighting the psychological changes that are occurring dizzy and filling. Mind of the two main characters. Even so, God’s Own Country also quickly recognized this flaw and reworked it so that it could continue ‘slowly but surely’ to delve into the character of the situation. One of Francis Lee’s strongest points is that his thorough understanding of the movie rhythm is a logical way of analyzing how it works.

A good movie always needs memorable portions, enough to vibrate, and God’s Own Country is such a work. Although the film is drifting and cold-hearted, it’s a realistic documentary that reflects the distant, monotonous social life of a rural England in mind, full of rationality. homosexuality, but interspersed with the radicals that are all over them, are the hopes of love, of classic romance contained in light touches, warm kisses and sympathy between dear people. The ending of God’s Own Country converges all of these elements and is indeed a masterpiece of space design, acting, dialogue, and touching the top of the emotional spectrum have.

Overall, with God’s Own Country, gay cinema again shows its enormous potential. Through his extensive knowledge of the topic and direction of filmmaking, Francis Lee gives the audience an enchanting, charismatic and extremely cinematic cinematic experience, with a unique, intriguing and dramatic love story. Memorable.

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