Happy Death Day When is birthday presents dead alive 17 times

Happy Death Day
Happy Death Day When is birthday presents dead alive 17 times
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There is an unwritten rule in the movies in General: the main characters often have to live for the rest of the movie (or at least near). In many action movies or horror, the existence of this character type of the high threshold is nearly immortal. However with Happy Death Day, the female lead of us breath right from the first 15 minutes.

Happy Death Day

On Monday, 18/09 Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) wake up in music happy birthday, found herself in a room Dorm strange sore like hammer heads, added Huo. After wearing decent clothes again, taking several pain pills, Tree step outside, around is no way school life more normal. Tree home, let the cake for the birthday greetings of friendship in the trash, to class late, nearly being caught when went to the tree climbing, in her own birthday party.

The end for birthday nothing proud and happy for this, the Tree death. Again, she woke up in the student familiar with the birthday party. The concept of time loop-loop time not too new on the big screen. A lot of film work was the “round time” as the 12 Dates of Christmas, The Groundhog Day, the Edge of Tomorrow, or Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar. Basically, the victim will live many times in a period of time, usually one day. Regardless though today they have to do anything, to the next day, everything will be reset, cleared back to the beginning.

Within time, trapped forever in a Flash of their lives, regardless of the time that is the most beautiful or most holy. To escape the loop, tracing the decision Tree are the killers kill themselves, or exactly every way through the born God of death.

Other than the traditional spirit of Halloween, Happy Death Day was not just a horror film and punk. Have to say this in category dark comedy about rebellious youth and school than a thriller about the search for the killers. Despite the filmmaker was stressful moments along the iconic mask killer haunting, humorous moments is highlight steal the show on the big screen.

Not only is pure horror, the work also incorporates elements of humor style also make movies study Perhaps this is also a consequence of the time loop. When you only die once and forever, the truly horrible death; also if you died several times, things started to look like a game. However, keeping the spirit of a horror movie, Happy Death Day owns a mysterious chain of unpredictable, installed plug in the loop of the chain on identical.

The scenario of the Happy Death Day is Scott Lobdell-one of the main authors of the X-Men in the Marvel Comics. This is also the first film script. Comment according to a certain aspect, Happy Death Day is also quite similar … the superhero film, and special power of her Tree Gelbman is likely reproducing continuous time before each.

A detail made horror films become unique, though bearing the familiar motifs, is the female’s personality. Tree is a beautiful, blonde highlights, bitchy, have enough qualities of a “queen bee” dominates the campus in legend and is exactly a “mean girl” to lead the University. If is in the other class B movie, this is the character … die first and make “killing the boss” for her bookworm of innocence, in the morning (often called the “final girl”).

Film buff would definitely excited, when Movie Director is Christopher b. Langdon (Viral, Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse) has decided not to take the sidelines this mundane routines. The main way of roles has created conditions to Jessica Rothe demonstrate his acting. Before that, she is known only through a supporting role in La La Land.

Equally, the elements of punk in the Happy Death Day hasn’t really “enough”. This is a weak point of the film, when the only thing scary in masks of doll is killer. In addition, the threats of Ghost in the movie too easy to guess, lack of creativity.

At the same time, the audio portion of the movie is still not really impressive, hard to create focal points in the footage should weight. But the audience, Vietnam will receive a “gift” of small grapes, that’s when a funny Free music tracks are played up in a situation extremely unexpected.
Happy Death Day like a response to the question is like, in earlier times: “what would you do if today is the last day to live?”. Tree did everything, life, living, try these benighted the madness never dared, complete things to do for a long time, make time for the important, love someone, forgive someone … However, perhaps the best is still to find ways of living.


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