Happy Death Day: a Destination ‘ Mean Girls ‘ horror version

Happy Death Day: a Destination ‘ Mean Girls ‘ horror version
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Happy Death Day: a Destination ‘ Mean Girls ‘ horror version

Time seems to always be a notion that mankind is obsessed, and Hollywood is no exception. After the famous footage as The Groundhog Day, About Time, the Edge of Tomorrow, …; This year, the topic continues to appear in horror movie Happy Death Day directed by Christopher b. Langdon.

What’s worse than having everything falling into calling you in the same day? That’s when everything on the right falling calling “spirit beings”. Little Mermaid Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) slacking wake in strange dorm room in Huo along a boy coward cáy strange also Huo. Moreover, she also came close to becoming the “shady girl” when his wife almost handsome teacher caught when both are “‘m te second”. A strong so what Tree also survived through, except for the crazy name, the milling of wearing masks were killing her on that evening.

The strange thing is the Tree not dead, which woke the fuck beauties Zhao recognized his “rewind” on his birthday morning right. She was trapped in an infinite time loop, and can only see the Sun the next day if the flip side was the man who killed himself.

Which intent becomes a thriller-funny entertaining high, the capital or time paradoxes in the movie of the same subject is almost not mentioned in the Happy Death Day. Viewers need not care why the female lead could not, just watched the eyes follow her journey is enough. This is a smart move by Studio owner Blumhouse Productions, to make the script of the movie really simple but still create a separate personality.

The French player punk of the Happy Death Daycũng quite frankly, when focusing on the style jump scare. The main method of “kill” creative female killers make the viewer part admiration of him because the “mind”. Throughout the duration of the film, many new characters appeared with the clues “fight” each other, causing the man’s true as more mysterious. If yore Wes Craven every success with the iconic Ghostface, then Christopher b. Langdon led to terrible horror movie fans just by a crazy guy wearing a mask doll.

A characteristic that people see a recognizable in Happy Death Day is not just a horror movie title. It’s also a story about childhood, about which you’re students have passed through puberty but still very moist. There are also the Golden tree and the Assembly you look to each other for the same food lowcarb … those guys, bullying and the gentle boy being bullied. Through each character that Tree exposure throughout the film, school life of America is more style, each puzzle piece arranged together to become a guestbook full of ambition and memories.

If to compare the film to build context, quite similar to the Mean Girls debuted in 2004. Song, the Tree is not shy and “docile” Cady Heron’s starring role as Lindsay Lohan, which is quite similar to my sassy girl Regina George of Rachel McAdams. Historically, half the audience when watching Mean Girls will like Cady, the other half will Idol Regina. And if you like her then villain for any reason, then you will love the Tree also by similar reasons.

Tree, selfish desire to possess and use the “power” to others must subjugate themselves; She is also the Member of “the essence” of a society of professional chảnh girl “melon Merchant”. Behind the Vice, the Tree is a pink ball himself up, astute, can take the AX to open the road of blood and not need wait Prince white horse. Jessica Rothe has proved that a woman can be beautiful in a different way, by from the way makeup until her personality, she’s having a Tree spirit separate and extremely charming.

When considering the sound effects section, film expose the weaknesses as well as noise, the background music is not really special. In other words, the part heard quite pale in comparison with the look, appear only to support transitions. Song, who see in Vietnam will be a phen tủm tỉm jokes, when in the film appears a young Vietnam tracks are now fairly well known.

Israel Broussard: Guy Carter gentle puffs of girl and cute ‘ like to geek out ‘ of the film ‘ Happy Death Day ‘

With interesting scenarios and a good balance between the elements of horror and humor, not too surprising when the Happy Death Day get much love as early screenings in North America. The work reviews the third victory of Blumhouse Productions in the year 2017, after the Split and Get Out.


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