‘ Happy death day ‘ promises to the break room premiered Halloween season

‘ Happy death day ‘ promises to the break room premiered Halloween season
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‘ Happy death day ‘ promises to the break room premiered Halloween season

Happy Death Day starts when she the hottest college student, Tree Gelbman, gowns woke in the dormitory at the right birthday. Ideas like today will be a memorable day with the party during the morning, then to the end of the day, a mysterious killer suddenly appear and kill the Tree. Strange but true, after being killed, this young girl didn’t die.


Instead, once again the Tree wake in the bedroom of the dorm and started samsara live forever in dreadful birthday until she finds out the identity of her killer.

The situation of the main character gets stuck in an endless loop of a day of Happy Death Day do the audience connect the scenarios carry the same idea as the kind of action movies Tom Cruise-Edge of Tomorrow or the classic comedy of the Decade 90-Groundhog Day. But not really new but this is the first interesting idea about the loop this time is expressed in the horror genre.

Although be prepared to launch on the occasion of Halloween but Happy Death Day falling into the clichés of the horror films in this occasion. The film was not “overawe” the Viewer by elements of spirituality that choice followed directions make the success of the two “brothers” Split and Get Out by using a fascinating way of storytelling and dramatic.

Dormitories and the relationship between you’re a student in a University which is the context quite familiar in the horror films the famous massacre topics such as series Scream or I know what you did last summer , in which a group of students usually being chased by mass murderer hiding and must find a way to fight back.

‘ Happy Death Day ‘: horror movie for the faint of heart

Use the same context but the dead back birthday brings a new Breeze for this familiar genre by a main character is strong and smart situations handling, making the Viewer always intrigued with hard performance of the film. The film is anticipated to continue is a super low-budget products but “Kublai Khan million” of home ownership content thanks Blumhouse exceptional.

The main act in films was Gelbman Tree are very unpopular Jessica Rothe, American actress known to audiences is through supporting actress role in La La Land, the film has just won 6 golden statues in the Oscars. Besides, the Orchestra is also the name of the young prospects such as Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Rachel Matthews …



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