With ‘ Happy death day ‘, thriller killing could revive

With ‘ Happy death day ‘, thriller killing could revive
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Happy Death Day is a success of Blumhouse Productions film company this year after the Split and Get Out. With the cost of production of 4.8 million, finishing only to present the Happy Death Day reached 55.8 million sales worldwide (according to the website Box Office Mojo).

The work of Director Christopher b. Landon tells the story of her young students damaged Tree (Jessica Rothe) being a masked guys brutally murdered in the night of the birthday to revive and relive that fateful day.

The cycle of waking up in the morning-was killed in the evening for repeats until the Tree decided to search out the truth the evil enemy.

Happy Death Day in horror film bloody killing (slasher film) with the familiar shape of tissue is a violent psychopath hunted and killed many people with sharp objects (like a knife or blade).

Jessica Rothe


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