Happy Death Day-cute Comedy Horror Film

Happy Death Day-cute Comedy Horror Film
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Happy Death Day-cute Comedy Horror Film

Happy Death Day, not really a horror film. It is a mix of horror, detective and witty romance teen movie. Sound spelling  rather than the above factors are blended in harmony, creating a pretty entertaining movie.

Happy Death Day not too spooky, not Gore. Of course the blood, in which murder theme, but with another slasher films this film clean. In the Happy Death Day, spectators will witness a day in her life, students from the morning when she wakes up in his dorm room that she can’t remember the name, until the night when she was a man dressed in black and wearing a mask I baby … stabbing death.

There is no Tree die. The morning’s “today” she woke up in his room, you know. Everything is the same as the day before, i.e. She was killer masks baby stabbed to death. But the Tree is not easy anymore. The tree can not die die such a memory whitewash again. Tree is the main character of the film and the Tree will find the murderer!

Trailer Happy Death Day

And it is true that Tree did not give up, though in many heart-style murder that if ordinary sure suicide death before always OK no liver waiting to murder her child again. Guest movie on the fear of the majority people: death, but also was killed. Imagine you knew before about that hour will die, there will be a crazy sick kid to wear a mask to look like to his pants to give you with confiscated són a sharp lẻm on the abdomen. Sometimes you feel his legs advanced close behind …

Film-style time loop live goes live on nothing new, even in this film it themselves to be influenced from the movie would always, from the loss of the guess. This film if not creative situations change, character development, tung suggested excuses to remove nodes of the case then it would be very easy to be boring. A movie with the same idea that you viewed recently, Before I Fall has fallen into this trap properly.

But the Happy Death Day more wisely. It think of those classic dead but effective style, the film is also very aware of how to change the atmosphere at the right time. Never too horrible or too long tangled nicks. Every time you think but then it just continues it, then enter a rotation movie. Something like go coaster. You will not have time to see the bored or thinking of the lack of logic film.

The film still fair to say, many film is seen immediately. But I appreciate storytelling entice audiences and quick rhythm, conceal well cons. Adding humor to is also wise. People just hate stupid things that posed danger, IE content nothing which display latest embellished columns button excuses for bipolar, but if the film has laughs in its clumsy points, the audience found very pleasant.

The main character of the film also pretty female model. not a good tradition too suffer the life he hated harm, or is too benevolent Sage wisdom should go die please people; the female lead in the film is a Bich chy mean girl, swollen sỉa with those mesmerizing son it, despise the girl not pretty not cool like it, and pretend with the best at using it. In general the Tree has enough elements to … killed. But bad doesn’t mean that deserve to die. Tree to the same struggle, as a powerful Warrior, not leaden HA what fight simple drain. After the series of horror movie heroine incense afternoons alike, the Tree is the exciting new results.

Jessica Rothe completed fine tasks as a Tree

Jessica Rothe completed fine tasks as a Tree. Do not own featured beautiful face but Jessica is very lively and has created a quite diverse character and depth (for an easy-going entertainment movies like this). This sister ever appeared in the phenomenon of La La Land last year’s with her role as the house mates (which nobody cross) of the Mia. You can review the clips that Someone in the Crowd and try to find her watching.

In summary, Happy Death Day satisfies the elements to become the movie good entertainment. The movies are fine, without being “thọt” face, not the type of movies make the audience admired but quao district quao district play for fun are very comfortable. As said above, Happy Death Day not too spooky, match those you fear that like to go treat horror movie this Halloween occasion, or you fear that like to get le lovers: “>


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