Hardcore Henry – Interesting idea, puzzling trailer, terrible movie

Hardcore Henry movies
Hardcore Henry movies
Hardcore Henry – Interesting idea, puzzling trailer, terrible movie
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I was puzzled to see execution of a movie that looked like a first person shooter. What a mistake. I left theater after 40 minutes and only regret I have is not walking out earlier.

First and unfortunately positive sign that you’re going to watch something bad is opening scene which shows close-ups of gunshot and knife wounds, without any point, just showing how far prognostics went. Sad reminder that single nice shot does not make a movie.

Story? Henry is a man who wakes up with super power in secret lab where nice looking female scientist claims to be his wife. Not long after that lab gets attacked by Russian mobster. Henry goes to find out his past and something else we do not understand by killing dozens of enemies…

Hardcore Henry
Hardcore Henry (Source: http://wickedhorror.com)

Movie used the worst of what movie and games have to offer. You do not participate (play) in action, which looks attractive first 10 minutes, until it all goes in the loop. Story is 2nd rate, even for game industry amnesia story.

There definitely is effort put into story-boarding scenes and filming and editing movie shot in such specific way, but there is also big waste of time creating concept that does not work and leaves you with nothing more then a headache.

Characters are bad clichés with bad acting for which you don’t care since there is not emotional involvement due to poor story. Even action flicks get boring since there is only one perspective and few WOOOO moments (eg falling down the building from Henry’s point of view) can’t make up for repetitiveness.

I’m trying to find positive characteristic of HC Henry but cannot see even one. If you’re going to see it for action scenes after first excitement you will be bored, and there are plenty of good short action videos on YouTube.

As far as Hardcore Henry movies, I didn’t stick around long enough to find if nice looking scientist is his real wife, did he find what he was looking for, and who the heck Henry really is. And to be honest I couldn’t care less.

Save you’re money and precious time and avoid Henry at any price.

Source: Rudimir Bombardinovic – imdb


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