Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation: Funny, hilarious and insightful

Hotel Transylvania Summer Vacation
Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation: Funny, hilarious and insightful
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After three years since the release of the second installment, Sony Pictures released the third installment of the animated series “Hotel Transylvania” with the expectation of continuing the success.

Other than the previous two, Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation is set primarily on a luxury yacht for monsters. Feeling the family has so little time together, Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, secretly arranges a vacation for more intimate members as well as relaxing with the other monsters. Watch the movie on the channel zmovie

Hotel Transylvania Summer Vacation

However, after a long period of “cock holding children,” a vampire count Drac gradually realized life is too empty when the next to lack a person to vote for you. Over the past hundred years since his wife’s death, Dracula has not been “zing” to any girl (“zing”: monster language means “love”). But in this unexpected journey, the earl is shaken by Captain Ericka. Few people suspected that the lord of dark powers that love is also very gentle and somewhat “silly”.

After three years since the release of the second season, Sony Pictures has released the third installment of the animated series The Mysterious Hotel, which is expected to continue its success. Can this movie be as good as the previous two?

Debuting in theaters for the first time in 2012, Mystery Hotel 1 brought in 9-digit sales for the film crew. Director Genndy Tartakovsky won big when the cost was only 23.7% of the proceeds. $ 358.4 million in revenue for a cartoon that is not a small number, but with the emotions that the first part brings to the audience, this is absolutely the result of the film crew deserves .

Three years later, Mystery Hotel continues to “top” the box office charts in North America with a proud number. At the end of the first three days, the Sony Pictures blockbuster earned $ 47.5 million and blatantly topped the top ten in the region in September 2015, That is the time of the film. As for Part 2, the cost of filming is estimated at half the revenue. Although the profit is less than the first (~ $ 161.6 million), the charm and the mystery of the Mysterious Hotel 2 are unlikely to be found in other animated series.

From part 1 to part 2, although the profits for the producers are pretty impressive numbers for a cartoon series, the decline in revenue is something we have to admit. So it’s no coincidence that people are worried about Season 3 of the Mystery Hotel, nor is it accidental that the film is confusing. Using different storylines of the same big story, film crews must be really clever to keep the appeal of the movie and avoid being boring. But, after all, the suspicions and worries set before the screening of Mystery Hotel 3 of the audience is not unfounded.

It can be said, Mystery Hotel is a funny cartoon series, attaching great importance to entertainment for the audience. Therefore, it is not surprising that the messages of human love and family affection became ancillary to the main storyline. Instead, humor, laughter and relaxing moments are what the viewer can find in the movie. Especially when a vampire baron majestically learns to “let go of waste” at the age of … 545. Just listening enough to make people curious.

It is a cartoon that is highly regarded in the North American market in particular and in the world in general, “the son” Sony Pictures own color is hard to confuse. Through the first two films, it’s easy to spot the general direction of the whole series: humor, fun, light and highly entertaining.

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Unlike Pixar’s superhero Coco, which has tearfully blended with smiles and mixed emotions, Sony Pictures’ mysterious hotel focuses on minimalist plotting, easy-to-read, and easy-to-smile. Therefore, there are many viewers that this series is somewhat superficial, lacking depth. But it is not because the screenplay is out of reach or because of any shortcomings in the stages, simply because each side has its own color and direction, so the development path from there goes to two. independent turn.

As for the third part of the Dracula story, I personally think the film will be hard to compete with itself. In other words, the big picture of the first part has little to do with the second, and now it will cause more obstacles to his “brother” in 2018. However, on the other positive side, This series is not quite as boring as the more often animated shorts. Of course, it will not go to the tracks of these films.

What we are discussing here, is the breakthrough needed to surpass yourself in 2012 of the “baby” Sony Pictures. Because of this, the storyline, comedy, humor from dialogue to acting and character expressions, as well as eye-catching movie color are all the advantages that the team has maintained throughout the three parts of the movie in the past nine years. last year. But the closure of the safety is difficult to put part 3 of the mysterious Hotel became the “box king of the stage”. Also, the film does not really make the audience for fun.

However, the journey of the box office of Mystery 3 is still long, waiting to see the movie has more success than the previous two.


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