Humorous scenes of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 3

Humorous scenes of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 3
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Humorous scenes of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 3

After 10 days of opening, rebellion Perfection 3 has quickly won the hearts of not only grave tone, but also music enthusiasts. Following the two previous sections, this film revolves around the story of the group after winning Bellas topped at the World Championships. After the disintegration time, the girls realized that they could not find a job with his amazing singing voice. When the news organization USO tour in some European countries, they have decided to gather together to raise your voice to sing on stage before making the final decision about his life.

The Bellas girl proved to be extremely interested in music enthusiasts

DJ Khaled in concert, the group will have to overcome Bellas Evermoist

Besides the hit song supreme, grand stages and moments deposition, rebellion Perfection 3 also gives the audience laughter brittle pounding through scenes of exciting arising from the situation tortuous situations in the film. Being a comedian, his “fat her Hollywood” Rebel Wilson seems to have enough to “weight” almost muddy to fall scene in the movie seats. Along with John Lithgow veteran comedian, they were full of food ideas juggling make fans even more excited. Go thru the funniest scenes in the rebellion Perfection 3 is constructed by super-funny duo are light. >> pitch perfect 2 full movie online free

1. Monitor tight guillotine “sharp” Amy’s right in front of her fat rival

In part 3 of this, opponents of the Barden Bellas she has now doubled and doubly dangerous. “There is a newly formed band named Evermoist led by Calamity – character played by Ruby Rose charm. Then there is the Saddle Up – a country band-singing songs of rock / country. And can not fail to mention DJ DJ Looney Dragon Nuts and again … “, Rebel Wilson listed a long list of opponents Bellas in this fateful tour.

But avoid the encounter coconut rind. To win a position opened in concert for DJ Khaled, Bellas
Despite only met for the first time, but after listening to the introduction confident of heavy competition, she Fat Amy has full-screen word for “edgy” in accordance with its own nature. In an atmosphere of tense confrontation, arrogant leader Evermoist introduce cosmetic Mieu name of the group members, respectively Calamity (Calamity), Veracity (Truth), Charity (Compassion), Serenity (US). At that, she fatty Amy was immediately retorted very rhyme: “Please call me Obesity (Fatty)”. The “naive” Amy made the audience immediately silence. Even her best friend Amy looked BECA also have a full admiration for the agility and nimbleness of her.

Fat Amy with confidence and humor in every situation

2. Mood extreme excitement when her friend got fired lifelong BECA

contrast, the signs attract. This seems totally right with pals from BECA and Fat Amy looks to personality. If BECA is a girl with small stature, the Fat Amy is a big baby secondary damage to the body with the giant grain thick abdominal fat. If BECA lifestyles closed, keep everything for themselves whether something happy or sad, the Fat Amy is her sociable to the extent feared, easily “sell tomorrow” to strangers that she was not familiar know. If BECA has talent but lacks confidence before these new opportunities, proved Fat Amy is a man filled with enough agility and active, can quickly seize opportunities …

And also by the completely opposite points in personality and behavior between the couple so this friend had numerous vexing circumstances occur. Typically when BECA encountered difficulties and stress at the place office that must give up work which she dreams, instead of being a close friend of comfort in the usual way, BECA was her best friend have excessive idle concern that “suffocate”.

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Fat Amy is excited when Beca resigns

Throughout the 3-part film, the audience can feel the close friendship day a couple of BECA – Fat Amy. Speaking about his own character and this friendship, actress Anna Kendrick shared: “For BECA is the only one who can tolerate bad habits of Fat Amy. She’s really exciting, like a man BECA outspoken of the group, the other characters extremely rebellious. She is a very knowledgeable and never feel boring. So BECA most fun when meeting people such different personalities. For Chloe, Aubrey or Fat Amy, she’s always cheerful. Beca a roommate, a good friend of Fat Amy. ”

She also says more about the presence of the actors in the rebellion Perfection 3 this:” Like old friends, we met again a very natural way, such as the separation has never been so “.

3. Plan daring rescue to utopia Fat Amy

Meet old father again after years of separation, Fat Amy could never have guessed that his main goal when his approach is because funds huge that she is holding in the bank account. Not achieve the aspirations, heartless Furgus father had planned to kidnap the friends group to blackmail Bellas Fat Amy. Immediately after the news of his sister who are falling into danger, with quick wit that made her, Fat Amy was immediately on a rescue plan “perfect” for the group.

For Fat Amy, the sisters of the Bellas group are her true family.

After step self paddle vast ocean to reach the target, Fat Amy made a bold fighting monitor “the house said,” With the bodyguard of his father. Everything becomes very easy until she faced Henry (played by Cain Manoli), right arm Furgus father, who also had been Amy “gift” for a long scar days ago. In the kitchen cramped him, with the tools available include: the pots and pans, vegetables, sausage, wasabi … Fat Amy is creating a goal unexpectedly, lower knock-out competition. Tough action scenes but also dramatic is this perfect raw material, brought laughter and excitement, satisfaction for the viewer.

Is the protagonist of creating laughter to the series of humor, but the actress Rebel Wilson did not say about himself that spends a lot of winged female director Trish Sie, “Trish has helped create an atmosphere fun and lively atmosphere on set. I would love to energy radiating from her. People really have been around for a great time participating in this film. “


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