The Infinity War director confirmed the fate of Aunt May, Lady Sif and Betty Ross

The Infinity War director confirmed the fate of Aunt May, Lady Sif and Betty Ross
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The Infinity War director confirmed the fate of Aunt May, Lady Sif and Betty Ross

Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers’ director: Infinity War, revealed the fate of some of the popular supporting roles in Marvel. While the final scenes of the Infinity War focus on the heroes that we are used to and the liking, the actual consequences of Thanos’ s whipping cause half of life in the universe to be wiped out. Immediately, a cruel genocide.

Meanwhile, the course of the Earth is no better, countless characters know and love the audience is likely to disappear. That fact has been warned in the post-credit section of the Infinity War. When Nick Fury and Maria Hill suffered the same fate disappear. Fortunately, before dying, Fury had time to send a quick message to Captain Marvel, who would surely have a major role in the Avengers 4.

But, who survived the shot of Thanos? The Huffington Post had a chance to talk to the Russo brothers and they named some minor characters. The two directors gave an idea of ​​the rest to deal with the terrible change of fate. At first, Betty Ross was killed by Liv Tyler, a victim of a flick. “Dead,” Joe Russo confirmed in the article. Tyler played the role of Bruce Banner’s lover (Edward Norton) in the 2008 version. She was the big-hearted Banner, but was not mentioned in the Hulk’s upcoming episodes.

There are rumors that Liv Tyler might be returning to his role in the Infinity War or Avengers 4. The British press reports that she is in the water while Marvel is filming despite the fact that Liv Tyler is taking part in another project. There is no room for Betty Ross in today’s MCU, so it’s no wonder that Russo’s house has her fate as dead. Perhaps the more interesting question is whether her father, Gen. Thaddeus Ross, survived, as the secretary in charge of implementing the Sokovian Treaty, a feud between Ross and Captain America.

Liv Tyler trong vai Betty Ross bản Incredible Hulk (2008)

It seems that Lady Sif’s role of Jaimie Alexander is also unlucky to escape fate decisive. Her schedule could not match Thor’s filming schedule: Ragnarok, otherwise, her role was not soon ended by Hela. Most fans claim that the simple Sif was not at Asgard at the time Hela arrived, instead she was on a mission. Sadly, it seems that the absence of Lady Sif from Ragnarok is just an inevitable delay without any reasonable explanation in the film.

Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) trong Thor: Ragnarok

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However, there is a sub-character that has attracted attention not only appeared only a few minutes on the film. That is the role of Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Young’s version was released in Captain America: Civil War and played an important role in Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted in the year. The film ends and Auntie realizes that Peter is Spider-Man. On the flick of the hand, Aunt May’s survivability was quite high although she probably did not know the fate of her beloved grandson.

Dì May nóng bỏng trong Spider-Man: Homecoming

In addition, the Russo brothers avoided the news about the fate of other characters such as Korg, Miek, Shuri and Ned Leeds. Maybe this will be a small role in the Avengers 4.


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