Inside Out – Journey to the “senses” stray

Inside Out – Journey to the “senses” stray
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Inside Out – Journey to the “senses” stray

With the visualization of the soul world, “Inside Out” brings a story of “old wine bottles”, deepening the deep.

Have you ever wondered which emotions govern the most? Does everyone just want to be happy without being upset? Inside Out – Pixar’s 15th long film can help you answer this question. With unique content and novelty, Inside Out brings audiences from one surprise to the other in the journey of discovery of the mystery of the soul. The subtle and interesting expression of the film crew made viewers have a whole new perspective on a “version” of their own soul.

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The film revolves around Riley and five emotions exist within the girl: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. This five-power reign was the Headquarters of Riley’s brain, designed to resemble the control room of an alien spacecraft. The captain was all confident that Joy and the crew that made the most of it were Sadness. This headquarters is also the first place to receive Riley’s memories and emotions (symbolized by colors) and has 5 emotions managed and coordinated closely.

In his early teens, Riley now has to adapt to the new environment when moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. Internal and external disturbances have affected the baby as well as the five emotions, making them busier and more confused than ever. Sadness becomes out of control and often wants to touch the “original memories” and make them change color, which is dangerous because it can change the mindset in Riley forever. So, Joy had to find one way or another to prevent this. In an argument, Joy and Sadness were sucked out of the headquarters and into the labyrinth of long-term memories. Joy’s and Sadness’s journey back to Riley’s Headquarters to help her regain balance in her troubled but emotional life.

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The deeper into the world of Riley, Pixar’s soul, the more the viewer walks from surprise to surprise with their boundless imagination. In the movie there are innumerable terms such as thought train, nuclear memory, dream factory … Each image in this spirit world is legitimized and explained in real life. For example, if we forget something, it will be like a faded grain of memory and gradually disappears into the subconscious dump.

Or the details in the factory produced the dream reflects the scientific concept of “work day, night dream”. Much of the dream is a variation from everyday events or things that we think about too much. In Riley there’s an island just to think about the perfect guy who’s ready to do everything to protect her. It is this science that makes Inside Out a cartoon for young children but critics and adults. On the IMDb, Inside Out was slow with a score of 8.6 / 10. On Metacritic, which is more critical of the film, criticized the professional critics who scored 94 out of 100.

Inside Out not only makes the audience satisfied by a thrilling gray drama, but the movie’s tricks give the audience an opportunity to “wash their eyes.” Inside Out took 4 years to complete. 45 talented animators are gathered at the hands of director directed by Pete Docter. Each film is optimized for the viewer can see a world of soul full of good – good. The voice actors give a very soulful feeling that makes the characters emotionally clear and lively, making the viewer quick to “infiltrate” the story.

Every Pixar movie has a lot of meaning and Inside Out is no exception. The film is a great lesson for all of us, from adults to children. The film shows that life is the neutrality of many emotions. Think of happy memories, we can laugh, but then we regret it because it is just past. Happiness is easy to forget, but the sad story is endless and forever deposited. Everyone would love Joy, but if in the world of Riley’s soul only Joy, she will forever be a monotonous color. Therefore, each emotion is a piece of tectonic construction of the soul, making us look at life with multi-dimensional eyes, sentimental. The story is also metaphorical about the role of each member in a team.


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