“Inside Out” and a unique perspective on courage

“Inside Out” and a unique perspective on courage
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“Inside Out” and a unique perspective on courage

He does not own the villain, but “Inside Out” is still attractive enough to entice viewers from start to finish and bring a meaningful inner journey with Riley.

Historically, villains have always been the focus of the children’s cartoons. Or shown by the iconic fierce monster or powerful nature, these evil people appear in the film to test the bravery of the protagonists small but full of indomitable. Like Aladdin with the witch Jaffar, the spotted dogs before Cruella De Vil’s search, Wall-E before the Buy ‘N’ Large group … are good examples of this series. From there we can learn that inner will can overcome all external challenges. However, the introduction of Inside out gives a new perspective on the lesson of winning yourself.

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Throughout the film is Riley’s daily emotional diary – where five basic emotions of activity. Viewers are entering the world of Riley and the secrets in it. Deeply hidden in Riley’s subconscious mind, there is a scary clown’s appearance, but he is not attacked by giant monsters named Unan or Hate. Add to that the appearance of Riley’s adorable companions such as the unicorn, his childhood friend Bing Boong or the train of thought. All is what belongs to Riley. Apparently the villain was completely absent from the movies online for free full movies. However, the film still leaves a lesson on deep courage.

It is a lesson of courage over oneself. Conflict between the two emotions of Joy and Sadness began the journey of emotionally lost when Riley faced new life in a strange city and wished to embrace warmth, sharing and love. of the old friends, the old city. Riley must learn to be an adult by walking away from the months of childhood with the imaginary friend, the days when sadness dissipates quickly by the cheerful, unsettled thoughts of anxiety.

From here, Riley learns the courage to overcome the delusions of teenage “loneliness”, “no longer see her parents love her”, “no longer see friends beside her” and “no longer interested in his own passion”. At an age when the appearance of more emotional nuances, the greater the knowledge, the greater the pain, but the happier the meaning, the more control over the self before the strong interference. Is it not so much harder to destroy a cruel enemy?

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It can be seen that the absence of villains but the contradictions of emotions gaining control constantly shows that Inside Out focuses on the character’s inner contradictions. Courage to face reality instead of shirking with negative thoughts is a way for Riley to resolve the conflicts of his family. Like Frozen, this film follows a new cartoon trend – the absence of a villain – so that the main characters in the film explore their own abilities, internal conflicts are available. Face to face and pass yourself. Riley’s maturity at the end of the film will be a lesson for every child who does not live in the world of princes and princesses that pulls them back to real-life life.


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