The interesting comment of the audience about the film Mom and Dad

The interesting comment of the audience about the film Mom and Dad
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Mom and Dad

This movie was strangely therapeutic for someone. If you hate your kids or don’t understand your parents this movie is for you.

Nicolas Cage is at his best here as a dad going through a mid-life crisis just when some strange outbreak of savagery has every parent trying to kill there offspring like hamsters eating their young.

Selma Blair gives an equally excellent performance as a Mom trying to bond with a daughter she use to be close to before she became a teenager.

And Last but not least is Lance Henriksen as grandpa Vietnam vet, the cherry on top of this crazy sundae.

It’s a bizarre horror-styled film that just keeps getting more berserk as the film goes on. The filmmakers must all have children, as it captures perfectly the frustration that comes with giving up your life for someone else and not fully realizing it until there is nothing to do to change it.

Love the style of the movie too. The music composed for the film is really excellent. Not to mention I love the way the camera moves around the actors.

Also loved how natural Mom and Dad made the killing of your spawns. Overall, this movie does it for me and I highly recommend.

Imagine if the instinct to nurture suddenly became the impulse to kill?! Parents, through some sort of virus or plague, ruthlessly hunt their offspring. Authorities attempt to stop the carnage, yet they are clueless, ineffective and overpowered.

Kids are left to their own wits, resources and improvised weapons from their homes, to fend of the attacks. Love becomes hate and blood lines become blood pools as kids and parents battle to the death. Thanksgiving day dinners and family nights will be awkward from now on.

This bold, zany and irreverent film is crafted in the enjoyable mold of the duo of Crank films, also directed by Taylor. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair are well cast in the roles as manic and world-weary parents.

The film is delightfully different from the dull and insipid standard fare. The film would benefit from greater all- around depth, improved dialogue and better developed scenes and characters.

For such a simple and short film, the story arc is a bit confusing and disjointed. World Premiere seen with Cage himself as well as the rowdy and raunchy midnight madness crowd at the Toronto International Film Festival.

So when i saw the trailer, and Nicolas Cage in there i kinda had a bit of hesitation , because lately he had some really weird mediocre roles ,but i think this is different , the idea of the movie is fresh and genuine and it build up to an easily followable plot.

The script is not as strong as ever , but it was as i said tight and organised and somewhat quick which leveled up the thrill , and not forgetting the sense of humor and the “kids we love you but sometimes we wanna kill you” it just gave the whole movie a new perspective.

The casting was good, Nicolas Cage was so engaging and tense, same for Selma Blair and the kids. Final thought,, even though it’s not the high-budget movie you’re looking for, the movie was really nice, so it is definitely recommended.


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