Introduction and evaluation of the movie hate eight (The hateful eight)

Introduction and evaluation of the movie hate eight (The hateful eight)
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Introduction and evaluation of the movie hate eight (The hateful eight)

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Year of Release: 2015
Country of origin: United States
Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren)
Kurt Russell (John Ruth)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue)
Walton Goggins (Sheriff Chris Mannix)
Demián Bichir (Bob)
Awards: Oscar 2016 for Best Soundtrack.
A Western-style western film with classic gunfights. The film revolves around two main scenes are on the carriage and in the inn.

Ruth the bounty hunter on Daisy’s road to Red Rock to receive a snow storm bonus. On the way he met another Black Warrior hunter named Warren and Red Rock’s inaugural chief, Mannix.
They stopped at Minnie’s inn. Warren discovers the abnormality of the inn he watches over. Warren took revenge on the black people who were shot dead after being captured in the Battle of Baton Rouge by putting a gun near General Smithers and humiliating his son. He just had to wait for Smithers to get his gun and Warren shot Smithers like a defender from the attack.
The trapped minnee at the inn cost a fortune when Ruth and the OB died of coffee poisoning. Warren was the only survivor who had guns and he knew Mannix was not the culprit, as Mannix nearly died from the preparation of a poisonous coffee without knowing it.

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While Warren and Mannix are investigating the perpetrators, Warren is severely wounded in the basement of the inn. At this point, Warren realizes that the main character is Daisy, so she controls Daisy and catches him in the basement. Gangster Domergue revealed. They killed all the people in the inn (except the Smithers) and waited for Ruth to come and rescue Daisy.
Warren kills Jody (Daisy’s brother), shoots Joe Gage as he gets a hidden weapon to attack Warren and Mannix.
In the end, Mannix does not have the money to betray Warren, who hangs Daisy like Ruth before dying.
The film ends when Mannix reads Lincoln’s letter to Warren.
In addition to the dreaded snowstorm, bloody, kill people, music is the bright side of this film. Great song!

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There are some nice details in this movie:
American bounty hunting is something of a particular culture.
The way a leader such as Lincoln president motivates the working class through letters of inquiry.
Americans can talk to each other but can not move hands, feet.


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