Introduction of the Imperial Hotel “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Introduction of the Imperial Hotel “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
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Introduction of the Imperial Hotel “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film about what happened at the Grand Hotel Budapest with the participation of two employees working here. This is a cinematic film that brings together many unique and interesting elements that any movie lover should not miss. Please watch the movie at 20:00 on 17/01/2015 on Star Movies, Vietnamese voice-over only on An Vien Television.
This is a 2014 comedy written and directed by Wes Anderson, who has been the director of the movie Moonrise Kingdom, a film that has garnered much attention in the visual arts and is extremely unique. high solution.

This promises viewers will once again admire the film with a very eye-catching color and artistic. The film was inspired by the works of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig.

Stars in the film include Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori. The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy-Musical.

Somewhere in the distant land of Zubrowka, there is a mountain range called Alpine Sudetenwaltz. At the top of the mountain stands an ancient building with turquoise roofs and pale pink walls. The Grand Hotel Budapest was once a picturesque landmark and once a favorite destination of the nobility and the rich.

The magnificent Grand Hotel Budapest

After many years of experiencing wind and rain, this hotel was only a “paradise” away from the year 1968 with the old, lonely and lonely people often frequented. That was when a writer met Zero Moustafa, the owner of the hotel, and was told to hear the story of his life.

The most distant moment of the film was in 1932, when Grand Budapest was in its prime and Zero Moustafa came to take over the lobby staff. That was when Zero met Gustave H, the veteran hotel manager.

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The color scheme is extremely unique in Gustave

H. is a rather odd person, just kind and delicate. He is an extremely strict manager but sometimes very hard working person. Gustave H. has a special relationship with “old sister” rich Madame D. One day, when Madame D sudden death, Gustave inherited the precious painting “Boy with Apple” should be human Her house hated him by slandering Madame D. Gustave and Zero to steal the picture and bring it to the hotel.

Gustave also promised to let Zero be his heir if he helped him while he was charged with murder and imprisonment. What would Zero do to save Gustave or he just folded his arms to see old friend die in prison? Watch the movie at 20:00 on 17/01/2015 on Star Movies.

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