Jessica Rothe experience “horrible birthday” | Happy Death Day

Jessica Rothe experience “horrible birthday” | Happy Death Day
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Jessica Rothe experience “horrible birthday” | Happy Death Day

With Jessica, this is a great opportunity to be recruited, and the character’s roommate is also the only character besides the main couple is shown singing talents through song, Someone in the Crowd in the period, the roommate tried dragged women protagonists go down the street to play with them. Jessica herself is not a dancer or singer, should be to enter the role, she and the other actors had to have some time to practice for the Shu before the La La Land machine press.

Jessica Rothe

Jessica also shared about what she likes most when taking La La Land: “the character of Mia’s roommate at the beginning which was written as a selfish and crafty, but Emma didn’t like so and she told Director Damien that , these are the only young woman in the film, and I don’t like we described the women in a negative way. Emma doesn’t think the Mia character will live with those who are bad with her to make her become a weakness. And we have to rebuild the female character, and a song Someone in the Crowd has become so vibrant and bring optimism, love life from the girls “.

After the La La Land, the Halloween season this year, Jessica Rothe returned to the big screen with the horror film Vietnam Happy Death Day (birthday of the dead) and she was the lead female role of Tree Gelbman-a college student has continued to live on which she again goes live being killed. And coincidentally as the most frightening day in his life that is also her birthday. The tree has been killed by a party unknown killers identity. The loop every time re-enact the scene. To not have to live forever in this dreadful birthday, the Tree will have to find out the identity of the killers.

Situations the characters trapped in the endless loop of time which is a rich idea attraction for filmmakers. Many films in various genres have mined the subject and has also been released in Vietnam, including to fantasy action film Edge of Tomorrow of actor Tom Cruise , or near the movie old school mentality Before I Fall. And the filmmakers of the Happy Death Day also felt very excited when using this idea for horror films.

Filmmaker Christopher b. Landon – who wrote the script for the series of works of horror film as Director and screenwriter for Happy Death Day: “I’m always excited with the idea of the male characters with strong personalities like the Tree, for example. At first, it was a pretty girl and selfish. But it is interesting to be tracking the journey of Tree and witnessed the changes in her, to become a completely different person-a person whom we feel empathy and support. The script of the movie was a very good painter. “

Landon also appreciate Jessica Rothe was selected on female role: “Jessica really meant we could not believe it because she had to constantly change your emotional state in this film. Jessica will moderate to express themselves is a selfish girl tough then gradually became a poor victim causing the audience to mercy. Over all, Jessica must be excruciatingly fear when being chased by a mysterious killer, and then again become strong when the determination to find a way to break out of the loop that AWE. Jessica’s acting ability makes all of us feel amazed “.

Jessica itself also has this script been completely conquered. She said the story has stimulated the imagination and gives her the opportunity to demonstrate a range of different emotional state when the role Tree in the film.

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Jessica confided: “I am always impressed with the rich emotional script and forced the actress to put ourselves in the position of the character. Happy Death Day is based on a scenario like that. That would be a movie that has the combination of the elements of horror, comedy, action and romance-rare in modern movies. “


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