Jumanji 2017: Welcome to the jungle – The rocky squad of The Rock

Jumanji 2017: Welcome to the jungle – The rocky squad of The Rock
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Jumanji 2017: welcome to the jungle cast – Fantasy Games is the story of bad jokes of schoolboys who are reluctant to participate in a virtual role playing game. In a school chase, a group of students discover a classic game called Jumanji. The four selected the characters and started playing, but they were suspicious of being caught up in the world of the game and living with the appearance, character character was chosen before.

With the participation of jumanji cast including The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), the famous comedy Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan beautiful young Jonas, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a bad adventure. crying laugh but also very dramatic, choking.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

The original Jumanji movie is a nostalgic film from my childhood. It still held up when I rewatched it earlier this month. The effects aren’t the greatest but the film was fun and had a lot of heart. I was not one of those annoying people who had pitchforks out when they heard about Jumanji being rebooted or getting a sequel. Always give a film a chance, that’s what I do. After seeing promo pics and trailers I was hyped. I like The Rock and Kevin Hart working together, and also love Karen Gillan. The film looked like a fresh spin on the original and even looked like an effort that wanted to stand on its own. It does exactly that. Say what you want, this is a very fun film.

Four different teenagers are given detention and once there they discover an old video game named Jumanji. They plug the game system in and are sucked into the world of Jumanji, primarily in a jungle where they must return a jewel into an enormous Jaguar statue. Sounds easy, but the jungle is filled with tricks and traps and wild animals. Oh yeah, the four characters become the characters in the game physically. This makes for a very entertaining time with almost non stop humor on top of its adventure.

The actors do very well in this. Jack Black and Kevin Hart bring the comedy. Jack Black’s character is actually the embodiment of a self absorbed teenage girl, and he plays that remarkably well. I dig Kevin Hart with his loud commentary. I also love that he’s always getting knocked over thrown around, in the way of danger, or in this films case- explodes. All the humor in this film comes at you tenfold and it all works. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and, while somewhat predictable its never boring. The action scenes are gripping and grand scale. I loved the world of the film and the connection between the characters.

The film has a few nods to the original but the film is still quite independent from the original which is nice. Really its in name alone; the connection to the first. Overall, its a blast at the end of the year. Its a re-watchable and exciting comedy/adventure. Take off your critical lenses and actually sit and enjoy this. The negative things I’m reading about this are analyzing it on such a deep level. Dude, relax and enjoy.

Jumanji 2017 – Very, very fun and worth your time!

The original Jumanji 2017 was supposed to be a one-and-done film, even though it teased the potential for a sequel. Many voiced trepidation at the prospect of a sequel after all these years later, and after the tragic death of original star Robin Williams, there were valid concerns about whether this sequel could be both a good movie and a fitting sequel and tribute to what had come before.

I am glad to report that it fulfilled all expectations.

The film relies almost entirely on its star power, and it has that in spades with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Nick Jonas. Where the charm resides, though, is the actors playing against their types through the means of real-world to video game body switching: The Rock embodying a nerdy hypochondriac, Hart an all-star jock, Gillan a shy insecure reject, and perhaps most brilliant of them all, Black housing a she’s-all-that pretty girl. Together our four teenage protagonists get sucked into the video game incarnation of Jumanji, a jungle land that is threatened from the typical video game threat, and our heroes must do the usual video game tasks in order to beat the game and return to the real world, all without getting killed in-game, which will get them killed in real life after three lives.

The film thematically treads the same sort of ground that other teen movies tend to cover, mainly the stereotypical high school tropes get thrust into a situation that forces them to work together to correct each other’s flaws and by the end they return to their ‘normal’ lives as better people.

What the film does different in the body-switching is that these tropes are transferred onto adult actors, people who each have tropes of their own, and the way that each actor gets to play against their type is definitely what makes this movie so fun.

On the flipside, like a video game, the villain is very one- dimensional, and while the narrative isn’t necessarily harmed by it, it does stand out as something that’s lacking, wishing that the villain was more than just ‘I will kill you because reasons’.

Also, the character introductions in the real world at the beginning of the film feel very forced, as in we all know they end up in the game, and the reasons they get into the situation feel very convenient, as if the writers could not find an elegant means to get these four people in the same place in front of the game console at the same time, so they just threw them all together.

These are fairly minor nitpicks, as the pace of this film is fast, it doesn’t really drag at all, and while they do repeat a joke or two, it doesn’t step over the line into annoying. All this makes for a very fun film, definitely worth your time this holiday season, and after once it gets released on home media.

Jumanji  trailer – The Game Always Finds a Way

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is easily the best video game movie ever made. Everyone who follows movies even remotely knows that’s not a hard task to complete, but Jumanji earnestly gets that title from me by being self-aware, armed with charismatic performances, and an undeniably fun and energetic tone from beginning to end.

The second pairing from Kevin hart and Dwayne Johnson comes as way of a sequel to the classic 1995 film, Jumani. Instead of just rebooting a beloved film 20 years later, this installment does feel like a standalone film, but in more than one way, it honors the legacy that began with the Robin Williams led film in the 90’s. What better way to do that than get The Rock and Hart to team-up again for an adventurous action-comedy. Their chemistry, along with Karen Gillan and Jack Black are quite the team. Luckily, the film doesn’t rely too heavily on Hart and Johnson’s funny banter from Central Intelligence last year. Each character had their own arc and I didn’t feel as though any one particular character was put in the background.

Did I approve of all the character choices and humor? Certainly not. Jack Black is a naturally funny guy, but I wasn’t too fond of his portrayal of a popular teenage girl. All of the characters are stereotypes obviously, but for some reason that character rubbed me the wrong way. Gillan on the other-hand, was much more in her comfort zone than it seemed like she was in the Guardians films. Her range of playing a scared and vulnerable young woman to be a “dance fighting” bada** was a joy to watch, and playing off of Johnson may have even superseded Johnson and Hart for me.

Like everyone else, I was very skeptical of this film for the last few years. What was the need to go back and try to recapture the spirit of the first film? Well, they reinvented the wheel without replacing the entire car. Using video games instead of a board game seemed like a cheap trick, but it ended up being the best decision the franchise could have made. Where do you go from here? Well, it now seems the possibilities are endless. In all, a well-rounded cast, endless energy, and a little heart go a long way with this one.

Enjoy the ride in “Jumanji movie”

I really enjoyed “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. “Jumanji” is way more than its movie trailer. Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan are awesome. The Rock embodies a genuine “nerd’ charm in his action hero persona. It’s nice to ‘see’ Karen not hidden behind the Nebula visage of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. I’m a fan from her short lived series “Selfie”. Gillan is beautiful, beguiling, and comedic charm. Jack Black as Shelly the gender swapped avatar practically steals the show illustrating the movie’s surprising message.

Game avatar Shelly, who’s real life persona is “it” girl Bethany, schools now stunning Martha (Gillan) how be attractive to men. Shelly says, “You’re hot. Now own it.” Black offers comic relief in the video game mayhem as Shelly confesses to Smolder Bravestone (Johnson) and diminutive Moose Finbar (Kevin Hart) that having penis makes it so easy to pee. In the touching narrative arc, as their avatars in “Jumanji” Martha tells Bethany that she is so self-absorbed, consequently totally so selfish. Bethany tells Martha that she judges people first, before they have chance to hurt her.

Director Jake Kasdan surprises not so much with the light hearted large-scale action with Johnson and Gillan kicking some ass battling motorcycle villains commanded by Bravestone’s arch nemesis Van Pelt, played by ruthless vile Bobby Cannavale. Rather his poignant message in this video gamer movie is: Be who you are. This is amazing given that the screenplay based on the book, “Jumanji” has screenwriters Chis McKenna, Erik Sommer, Scott Rosenberg, and Jeff Pinker. Usually having that many writers inevitably generates kluge.

Instead they are often touching. Young Spencer now The Rock’s Bravestone has been in love with teen iconoclast Martha, now Ruby Roundhouse, since 7th grade. Both Johnson and Gillan are the most beautiful screen actors in paradox as Spencer says, “I’m a nerd.” Martha says, “I like nerds.”

Bravestone fears death realizing that he only has one game “life” remaining in “Jumanji”, doubting if he can save his friends and return the magical green jewel to the Jaguar statue. His friend Finbar, played by Hart, reminds that in the real world, “We all only have one life.” So do your best. That’s what anyone can do. Johnson is amazing movie star swag and gentle introspection as Bravestone. Hart is nervous comic energy as Finbar. He tells someone about his avatar’s weakness, “Cake makes me explode.” Don’t often hear that one. Hart is also all heart. Their partnership along with Gillan and Black are about seeing others as greater than they know. In the end that’s what makes you become. And perhaps, the hero arises from within.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” is derivative of “The Breakfast Club” and “Raiders of the Lost Arc”. “Jumanji” does not aim to be as iconic, although it is about: Who you are? Who are you going to be?

Young Spencer, Fridge, Bethany, and Martha, played convincingly by Alex Wolf, Ser’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, and Morgan Turner, all enter the video game “Jumanji” as who they are. Perhaps, they transform as greater. Really that’s up to them. Director Kasdan invites you along for the ride with cool martial arts and gorgeous locales. Go along for the ride. The ride is well worth it.


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