Jumanji cast 2017: The strengths – weaknesses of character

Jumanji cast 2017
Jumanji cast 2017: The strengths – weaknesses of character
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The strengths – weaknesses of character in ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’

Jumanji cast 2017: Each character in the game JUMANJI has the abilities, strengths-weaknesses to those “who play” grasp and control accordingly.

Jumanji cast 2017

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the unfinished story of the laugh she was half crying you loath students engage in a role-playing game. During a penalty moved the basement school, a group of students discovered version of the classic game called Jumanji. All four carried select character goddesses and started to play, but would surprise them was swept into the world of game and live with the appearance, character properties have chosen before.

With the participation of stars including grossing The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), the famous Jack Black Comedy, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan beauty around you the House’s youngest Jonas, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the unfinished adventure cry bad jokes but also incredibly dramatic , choking.

Jumanji welcome to the jungle watch online

Jumanji cast 2017: The Rock Dwayne Johnson as Smolder Bravestone

Jumanji cast 2017

In the film, The Rock world in the role of young boys game “herself” Spencer (Alex Wolff). He is Dr. “bigger corn” Smolder Bravestone. This character has a billowing, muscle power and is “team”. He possesses superior fighting skills, speed of moving spirit, good climb, fight and use the boomerang as a weapon. This character absolutely doesn’t have any weaknesses. However, beneath the other Bureau of cattle back is a sensitive and fragile heart of Spencer.

Dwayne Johnson Biography – The Rock which is famous for her role in the series grossing Hobbs driver Fast and Furious. Besides, he is also a professional wrestler, athletes won many awards. Associated with the iconic masculine, powerful on screen, in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Rock will make the audience cry bad bad jokes when the superficial muscular but carrying the fragile inner message of a guy born 16 years.

Villain of “Guardians of the Galaxy” Karen Gillan as Ruby Roundhouse – Jumanji cast 2017

jumanji 2017 cast

Meanwhile, Star Karen Gillan again became the world body in the game she knock computer Martha (Morgan Turner close). Gillan’s character is the Amazon warrior women courageous and strong Ruby Roundhouse. This is the only female role in the game, owner of sexy looks and enduring ability to fight. Ruby Roundhouse is fluent in many types of martial arts, from Karate, Aikido, Tai Chi to the universe of rights. Her “Wonder Woman” will have many hit the opponent mercilessly. The only weakness of this character as venom.

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If as in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Karen Gillan to do bad by shaved head, dyed green to skin on the shoulders, then her health agreement Nebula breeze beauty in new works. Karen Gillan survived with the female role in the science fiction series the world’s longest Doctor Who. Beautiful actress will bring up a “Wonder Woman” hung dung but no less funny in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Jack Black as Professor Shelly Oberon

Jumanji cast 2017

Other than The Rock and Karen Gillan is the same as sex, Jack Black played again that her feminine beauty, Bethany (Madison Iseman). Although there is an old man looks middle-aged overweight but Jack Black is acting like a real girl. This is the character should be loving and caring for their group. Although fluent in maps, archaeology and Paleontology but he is not likely to fight. A Professor must run each breath when dangerous flooding and always in need of rescue wings come from teammates. – jumanji 2017 cast

Black Jack grossing comedy is the name that just listen only caused the audience to laugh. He has twice been nominated for a Golden Globe for her excellent body chemistry. In recent years, Jack Black Voices Po in bear series Kung Fu Panda and appears in the film as Goosebumps. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jack Black will bring a series of movie scenes to laugh out of tears. The critic Rebecca Pahle this performance review “deserve 12 Academy Award”.

Kevin Hart became assistant “talkative” next to The Rock

Jumanji cast 2017

Kevin Hart Biography – The remaining members of the student group, naughty guy Fridge, have turned into little Assistant guy Franklin Finbar. The role “that likes to be dangerous” by Kevin Hart. This character has a very important mission … portable weapons for the group. Except for the ability to know useful communication with animals then Finbar useless complete when there is no power, move slow and afraid … cake.

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart each case took place in the Central Italian Intelligence (2016), created a couple unique leaders count on the screen. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, marks the second collaboration between The Rock and the male comedian was charged the highest world catse Kevin Hart. The games hurt the brain and ideas of both will make the audience laugh is the season

Singer Nick Jonas turns the handsome pilot Alex

Jumanji 2017 cast: Besides the interesting characters of the game, in the virtual world he still has the appearance of guy Alex pilots due to Nick Jonas plays. Once a player as the team of students, he has been stuck in the game world and are attempting to get rid of it. With more experience, Alex will support 4 characters on the pass pass in the world of Jumanji to return to reality. The work also curious about why the story Alex back in the game world.

“Spider-man” Tom Holland said the role of Alex but ultimately did not participate in the project. Nick Jonas is the manufacturer reviews is the perfect choice for the character. The last time, classical singer son cared more for his acting career when joining Scream Queens, Kingdom, Goat, …

The first part of the series Jumanji debuted in 1995. The work received a lot of love when the cause is fear and create laughter from the virtual world. The film grossed seven important nominations of Saturn Awards and won in the category of outstanding special effects and supporting Women. The series Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, directed by Golden Globe-nominated Jake Kasdan made. Renowned for his bold works entertaining as Bad Teacher (2011), Sex Tape (2014), the New series Girl (2011-2013) ..


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