Jumanji: The Comedy-Act Not To Be Missed

Jumanji: The Comedy-Act Not To Be Missed
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Jumanji: The Comedy-Act Not To Be Missed

Four of her boy pupils because of many different reasons that are into school discipline “drinking tea”. Two bookworm, a hot girl and a college football player to receive the punishment of cleaning the warehouse. Of course, the children are age this rebellion never silent work. They rummage pile of belongings and accidentally find the Jumanji game box. All caught up in the dangerous and gloriously saved, just half a second stumbling block profile is dead as playing. Each of the three networks, the child exists in the character they choose and get Jumanji land rescue mission from Professor Van Pelt.


Put on these honor details trying to star Robin Williams Jumanji (1995) but Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was built totally different direction. The new film to promote the exceptional advantages of old parts that are still built for his own identity – more attractive, more monumental.

The rhythm of the film. While the film circuit, continuous transition is still very smooth. Duration of 119 hours nearly non-existent excess detail, the view goes from this thrilling situations to the plight of other adrenalin. Nearly two hours in the theater still feel incomplete and the audience wants to be viewed more.

Whether you are gamers like “face” on the machine or who normally only few game app on the phone, who will also feel extremely interesting before world Jumanji created. The logic of RPGs is applied smoothly. From the home screen, each die, how to solve the task or each NPC appear all that makes up the colon the endless jokes.

Aged twenty years directed trades but primarily works in the field of television, Jake Kasdan has accomplished exceptional bird trịch role for Jumanji.

Innovative film from the main contents to the dialogue. The exceptionable passages together full of humor, unexpected situations right game. How to open and attractive problem belts satisfy the Viewer. Although it is friendship, affection or love team, everything was great resolve in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. In particular, two young couples “cotton chicken” downright cute kissing scene with “Romance”. The action comedy is not only simple but fight or amusing, also containing Jumanji deep meaning and full of humanity.

Pacific Rim Uprising: Blockbuster For Young

With funding merely 65 million $, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle fire scene no more magnificent feats such as investment, the bulk action blockbuster hundreds of millions $ today. However, this movie or still to score thanks to a spectacular action. Both the former wrestler The Rock and the beautiful Karen Gillan has brewed “hand-to-hand” worth getting every mountain lyrics applause. In particular, the viewers will surely just relentlessly just fear the wild creatures hippos, snakes, alligators … be the perfect appearance thanks to the morphing. Nice bright picture, match the fun of movies created.

In particular, Jumanji do this rare film would make – to the sound in the movie amusing also.

Of course, your contribution also in the success of the film.

Reunited after the Central Intelligence, the duo Dwayne Johnson/The Rock and Kevin Hart retains the inherent food ideas. Also as double motip you guys passionately-the chase but Spencer muscle filled with fragile, fragile Fridge which to prefer high ca cam lost 60 cm work still brings novelty. The rhythmic bounce of the duo helped the audience laughing.

After a long time little appeared on the big screen, Black Jack has great could be call when the difficult role-expresses the soul of a party girl Miss lost to define fat man peek miluo City Bureau. Professor Shelly timid eyes from lovely, feminine hand movements without feeling too far. Jack Black is still excellent as he received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The School Of Rock. Bethany is probably the favorite movie character.

But Karen Gillan has no land took place between inner South full cast veteran but in return the same waist pretty face Ant-her eyes viewers can not look pale. Nice bodied centimeters was illustrated perfectly in “American suicide boys”. Sorry this beauty even in goods dipped Marvel forming Nebula half machine and the bare ends of the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Get a little shoulder phone but Nick Jonas is still enough causing the audience impression thanks to the handsome young face defies time and interesting personality. Alex fear mosquitoes amusing medium just helps to have comedy moments deposition.

Because according to the game’s villain Van Pelt so the motip by Bobby Cannavale as pretty faint and not how many obstacles for the main character. The plus point is the scene in old Irish ear will make many people haunt shortly.

The young cast Alex Wolff-Spencer, Ser’Darius Blain-Fridge, Morgan Turner – Martha and Madison Iseman-Bethany took place rounded shoulders and create certain focal points whether the land takes place not by how much.


The lead soldier Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle “exposed” the giant Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the Global Office is impossible. However, with highly quality, the movie still has the ability to earn for a tidy profit producer. Perhaps, in the future we will have a new Jumanji did more humor?


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