Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Does Dinosaurs Attack the Super Hero?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Does Dinosaurs Attack the Super Hero?
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In addition to two Minions and Fast & Furious gold mines, Universal also owns a huge brand that can earn a lot of money. It’s a series of extinct genres from tens of millions of years ago – Jurassic Park.

More than twenty years ago, the Jurassic Park bomb created a massive earthquake that topped the global box office charts of 1993. With just $ 63 million in production costs, filmmakers made over $ 1 billion . This huge profit boosts them to launch two sequels. Although the film is not very impressive and lost the original identity, they still help Universal earn a decent amount.
After the Jurassic Park III “just” earned nearly $ 370 million worldwide, the brand was “minted” for some time. And by the end of 2015, Terrorism Park is back with the Jurassic World.

Still in the old land, with ruins that anyone who saw Jurassic Park remember forever not forget, Jurassic World with the help of modern techniques really become the meal has eyes, ear has satisfied most fans series movie. Dinosaurs return to the screen, alive and true than ever. Raptors are smart, dinosaurs eat meekly grass, Hybrid Indominus Rex brutal bloodthirsty and most impressively T-Rex tyrant.

Now, after three years, the dinosaurs are about to sweep theaters again with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Some time after the park collapsed, the beautiful island was about to disappear due to a volcanic disaster. Old couple Claire and Owen meet again in the rescue mission dinosaurs. However, this mission seems to be just the beginning of a vast conspiracy to turn them into evil machinations.

Humans never give up the idea of ​​submitting to dinosaurs and can not learn that natural lawlessness will have terrible consequences. Jurassic Park – they prevent the reproduction of dinosaurs by giving birth to all females, which transform themselves sexually to reproduce naturally. In Jurassic World, they crossed dinosaurs with a number of other species, creating super-intelligent super-beasts, deceiving others, feeling heat and camouflage like gecko … leading to disaster at the park.

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, perhaps human ambitions have been much advanced. Henry Wu – the persistent villain from Jurassic Park to Jurassic World continues to play an important role. Looks like, the doctor continued to create hybrid more strange dinosaurs. The famous “Life finds a way” in Jurassic Park is also highlighted again in the new movie. Now, bringing back the dinosaurs back to the human world opens up a very terrible prospect.

This time, the dinosaurs will continue to teach people what lessons here?

The success of Jurassic World in 2015 depends largely on the skill. After fourteen years, the image has progressed dramatically. The audience was really happy to enjoy a beautiful CGI battle, perfect to every detail between pure dinosaurs and dinosaurs created by humans.
Apart from the monumental cost of spending hundreds of millions of dollars, the charm still remains an indispensable feature in this bloody movie. Hard-looking viewers will still laugh at the “dog and cat” affair between the Owen-Claire couple. In particular, segment Claire her race with tyrant T-Rex on high heels is truly unforgettable. Dr. Malcolm’s comeback will certainly bring lots of interesting moments.

Bryce Dallas Howard – a woman who has been criticized by superhero fans because of the “humiliating” version of Gwen Stacy’s comic strips. And Claire Dearing is the biggest turning point. Will the female star continue to shine like that in part 2? At the very least, she has been transformed into elegant high heels into boots. Three years after the Jurassic World, Bryce’s career was slowed down. This is a very important movie for her.

Like her former “Gwen Stacy”, Jurassic World also played a leading role in Chris Pratt’s career. Raised by the Guardian Of The Galaxy but it was not until the World War Critically attacked the box office, he officially climbed to the top. Who would have expected him to be the strong and masculine dinosaur trainer who wanted to become a dinosaur trainer so strong and masculine? After the “squeeze” in Avengers: Infinity War, it was time for the guy to hate the rest of the world for more than a month to find the glory.

The production team has many changes compared to the previous film or. The director and scriptwriter in front of Colin Trevorrow will take on the script. The direction was given to the Spanish filmmaker – J.A. Bayona is best known for two excellent psychological works A Monster Calls and The Impossible.

In fact, the Jurassic World, though, still has not been able to match Jurassic Park. The film, directed by famed director Steven Spielberg, received 92% of the “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes. With Jurassic World, this figure is 71%. The audience is still looking forward to more. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom makes a dream come true or into the trash of the franchise when The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic World III (2001) are not as successful as expected?

The dark universe by universal o brace was almost dead. Fast & Furious could not continue the race due to the hard-to-heal conflicts between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an important move to make it a year without losing to the mighty opponent Disney. Will this work help Universal win the 4th place in the rankings of the most expensive movies of all time have been Avengers: Infinity War robbed? Let’s wait and see.

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