Justice League: DC’s “incomplete” superhero party

Justice League: DC’s “incomplete” superhero party
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Justice League: DC’s “incomplete” superhero party

Justice League is the last superhero movie of 2017 to mark the arrival of many of the favorite characters in the comic series of the same name.

The Justice League can be seen as a milestone in the DCEU universe as DC Comics superhero comics converge in the 120 minutes of the movie. To be fair, DC heroes are more familiar with the childhood of many people than Marvel, including the two most prominent names: Superman and Batman. You can watch justice league war online free.  But the delay in land film films have made the film DC suffer more disadvantage when faced with the great competition from rival Marvel in the past.

The Justice League in watch32 movies leads viewers to new concepts that, if not read through DC comics, will not be known, such as the Mother Box, Old Gods, New Gods and, of course, The new hero has not had a single movie yet. This is why the overwhelming sense of information will come to the viewer may not grasp the full content that the film wants to convey. Initially, the film was directed by veteran director Zack Snyder, but because of the tragic loss of relatives, he left his film at the last minute and instead, Warner Bros. forced to invite director Joss Whedon – who is familiar with the superhero universe Marvel replaced. Maybe Justice League has not created the highlight and the seamless throughout the circuit.

Return, after the action in the movie Superman vs. Batman, the handsome Superman, powerful (Henry Cavill) sacrificed after destroying the monster Doomsday. However, Batman (Ben Affleck) soon discovered the threat of aliens threatening the safety of the Earth, led by Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) – a superpower It is easy for the Aquinas’ Amazon tribe of Wonder Woman and Aquarius to lose. His goal is to combine three boxes of Mother Box to create a planet full of death. And true to the slogan “You can not save the Earth alone,” Batman had to gather other superheroes to break this plan in time.

The Justice League is divided into two parts: searching for heroes and destroying the last boss – a familiar but safe motif that may not create so many hatches and knots in the storyline but in terms of entertainment, so is enough. In the past, DC superhero movies were considered too dark, heavy and difficult to understand, but through the Justice League, the DCEU movie universe could follow the success of Marvel’s opponents as a priority for calculating the prize. location.

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Overall rating: 6/10 points


+ Cast talented
+ Skill, action has eyes
+ Content is easy to see, easy to grasp
+ High entertaining


+ Many holes in the plot
+ The circuit is interrupted, causing confusion
+ Short film length


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