Reviews Lady Bird (2017) By IMDB

lady bird 2017
Reviews Lady Bird (2017) By IMDB
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hakrames commented :

2017’s Lady Bird is Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece that will be remember and talked about for years coming. With its strong acting, fantastic directing, and flawless writing; this film is a grippingly hilarious 90 minute rom-com.

With the script of Lady Bird taking multiple years and countless rewrites to finally get to its final product, it was well worth the struggle and well satisfying to watch. Every line of dialogue in this film feels so real and doesn’t once feel pushed or forced for the story to progress. That is thanks to the fantastic casting of the whole cast and crew. But mainly from the fantastic writing from Gerwig herself.

lady bird 2017

Directing wise this film looks beautiful with its variety of long uncut takes to its various montoges of what Christine ‘Lady Bird’ does with her friends and family just feels so real and makes the whole film feel like it was shot back in 2002. And even though this isn’t Gerwig’s first time behind the camera, it feels like she grew up there her entire life. Not a single shot feels out of place, not a single scene feels ‘filler’, not a single sound is not needed. This movie has the bare bones of what a very fast paced comedy drama needs to be just amazing.

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All the cast in this film is amazing. Saoirse Ronan is beautiful in this film with her various mood changes and sporadic attitudes brought out by various characters and settings. Especially with her going from yelling at the top of her lungs to breaking down crying to screaming with just hate shooting from her eyes. Both Lucas Hedges and Timothee Chalamet are also amazing in this film with their polar opposite characters in it that also have confusing and mixed emotions throughout too. And probably my favorite performance in the whole film is Lady Bird’s mom in the film played by the amazing Laurie Metcalf, her love-hate relationship with her daughter in the film makes her relatable but lovable but also hateable all at the same, which I’ve never seen ever in a film.

This movie is a flawless teen drama, not a single part of this film has a ‘teen drama cliche’ in it and every time I thought it was going that way it would take a turn away from that. Lady bird is one of the most satisfying movies of the year and it deserves to be talked about highly by everyone who gets a chance to see it.

tm-sheehan commented :

What a delightful surprise! this 8th nominated Best Movie turned out to be. The trailers didn’t impress me much but this is one instance where the trailer doesn’t show the best spots in the movie. Saorise Roman is wonderful in this role , so different from her Academy Award nominated role in Brooklyn, which makes me think after 3 nominations this may just be her year to win. Her character LadyBird is so likeable and yet at the same time rebellious and a free spirit wanting to break away from the chains of her adolescence and life in suburban Sacramento. There are two “coming of age” movies up for Oscars this year LadyBird and Call Me By Your Name both very different locations and families but in my view Lady Bird is the better movie because in just over 90 minutes instead of over 2 hours it tells the tale of the angst of growing up in a realistic and not contrived way and all the characters are believable especially the mother played wonderfully by Laurie Metcalf . Even though I don’t have teenage children ( thank God) but I was able to remember and identify with LadyBird and her determination to want something better in life than her parents had amid huge objections and attempts of control from all the adults around her. I still predict Frances McDormand will win best Actress but it wouldn’t be the first time this award had a tie as the result, if they could do it for Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn they could do it for Francis and Saoirse. LadyBird is perhaps not the “best film” of 2017/2018 but it’s up there with them and the acting and script is superb.


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