“Lady Bird”- The story of madness, rebellion when ‘you are about 18’

“Lady Bird”- The story of madness, rebellion when ‘you are about 18’
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“Lady Bird” was one of only two films to score almost 99% on Rotten Tomatoes last year. Is there anything interesting about the work that revolves around a 17 year-old girl?

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Category: Psychology, Humor

Director: Greta Gerwig

Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet

Rating: 9/10

Being chosen as the capital of California, Sacramento is practically a small, green and peaceful city, compared to the large, crowded metropolis in the US West Coast, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The quiet, peaceful under the Cali sunshine of Sacramento made many infatuated, but at the same time made many little children, the boy born and raised in this place feel bored and want to run away from the silence .

17-year-old Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), also known as “Lady Bird”, is one of them. She is unfortunate to be born in silken, when her parents, Marion (Laurie Metcalf) and Larry (Tracy Letts), struggle to raise their daughter and their adopted son, Miguel Rodrigues. ) in a rundown house in the poor neighborhood of Sacramento.

Lady Bird herself had to attend a Catholic high school with many strict requirements to reduce the financial burden on her family. As a way to make up for that, every day the girl is always filled with joy and love from her parents, from her “overweight” friend Julie (Beanie Feldstein), or shy boyfriend Danny (Lucas Hedges) in last days of level.

But McPherson’s embrace, or high school dramas, just made Lady Bird want to get out of the doldrums of Sacramento, especially as the United States was transforming itself after a series of events. As history as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, or the US military began to attack Iraq.

The young girl wants to be loved, want to experience the “adult” with Kyle (Timothée Chalamet) or Jenna (Odeya Rush) – the “cool” and more fashionable than Julie. On top of that, Lady Bird wanted to live and attend college in the light-filled cities of the East Coast of America such as New York.

Is Sacramento’s peace and simplicity but deepening of the people here able to hold Lady Bird’s feet? Or “her lady” when she has enough wings at 18 will fly forever and not turn back?

The real turning point of Greta Gerwig

Lady Bird is Greta Gerwig’s first feature film as a director, and she is also the screenwriter of the film. Although Gerwig was first in the chair, Gerwig was a familiar face in the independent film line of American cinema for nearly a decade.

She is the “muse” of the famous independent film director Noah Baumbach through several works such as Greenberg (2010), Frances Ha (2012) or Mistress America (2015). Greta Gerwig has also contributed much to the humor of Frances Ha and Mistress America as co-writers.

However, Lady Bird is probably the most important milestone in Gerwig’s film career to date. The reason is not because she was first behind the camera to direct her acting instead of standing in front of the camera as an actress, not only because she spent 12 months sketching the script with the name of the director. Mothers and Daughters, first of all because the work reflects somehow the life and reflection of the female director at the moment she toddled into life.

Like Greta, Gerwig was born and raised in Sacramento in the love of a nursing mother and attended high school in a Catholic-only Catholic school. The main context of Lady Bird – America in 2002, 2003 – is also the time that female artists born in 1983 are entering adulthood.

The closeness between Lady Bird and Greta Gerwig’s youth may have helped keep the screenplay alive from end to end with all sorts of emotions. All are close, natural, not forced.

Reminds the age of each person

When the length of the movie is only 93 minutes, someone will think that keeping the rhythm, the moment of fun with the youthful fun, quiet in the heart of the family, completely in the capacity of a The pen was recorded as Gerwig. Indeed, the 34-year-old female director has also impressed viewers with the inclusion of dense network artwork from character to plot.

There, not only did Lady Bird have dreams, thoughts and personal lives, but even minor characters with less than 17-year-olds appearing on film like Larry, Julie , or boyfriend trouble Danny, are more or less winning the affection of the audience with their sincerity and warmth.

In particular, Lady Bird surpassed the framework of a normal teen comedy by depicting the deep, complex, emotional and deep emotional motherhood between the protagonist and nurse Marion.

Anyone who has experienced the humidity of 17, 18 must carry in their memories of the tumultuous times, not listening to their parents, about the misunderstandings, watching the severity of parents is a manifestation of the lack lack of love. After all, they only recognize the true feelings of parents as adults, or when experiencing failure in life.

That was the image of Lady Bird and her mother in the film: a child who lives inwardly to the heartless, and a mother trying to take a strict curtain to cover the love, care of boundless myself for girls.

In a year of great family films, perhaps the motherland between Lady Bird and Lady Marion in Lady Bird, or the father-son relationship between Elio and Perlman in Call Me by Your Name, are portraits. The most beautiful of the feelings, about the sacrifice that parents give to their beloved children.

It is interesting to note that the lead role of Elio in the gay film Call Me by Your Name – Timothée Chalamet – also very successful as a romantic friend, a philosophy called Kyle in Lady Bird.

Feminism is here

After a huge success with the role of Eilis Lacey in Brooklyn (2015), Irish actress Saoirse Ronan continues to be among the top stars of the world cinema. But she spent the whole of 2016 on the stage, only to return to the big screen in 2017 with only Lady Bird.

But just a role of Lady Bird is enough for Ronan to show to the audience that countless nominations and awards she received with Brooklyn not by luck or success at the moment, but by the real beauty the talent with great sensitivity hidden under the fragile beauty, just full of vitality.

The 23-year-old actress convinced not only a smile, a tear, or a foolish 18-year-old girl, but also the first moments of her life or desperate moments of loneliness. the soul of a young woman Gerta Gerwig used his own life experience to put into the script.

Contrasting with the innocence, youngster of Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird is the maturity, tinged-down time of Tracy Letts as Larry, and especially Laurie Metcalf as Marion’s mother.

The main character appears on the stage drama and television, Metcalf veteran actress helped raise Ronan range by playing in depth is not inferior to the main character, if not to say is somewhat more difficult.

Because while Saoirse Ronan is portrayed as a young woman willing to express her thoughts and emotions, Laurie Metcalf’s Marion is always suppressing the emotions of a woman’s hard, to worry about the whole family.

The fact that the pair of an old couple, a child has helped Lady Bird become cinematic film typical of feminism in recent years, as the characters in the film always active with the desire to dispose. The future, the fate of yourself, but not so that lost the deep feelings, sincerely for the people they love.

As a standalone production with a production budget of just $ 10 million, Lady Bird can be considered a “small” movie with a simple, everyday context, absent from the scenes or complex techniques. magazine.

But hidden beneath the simple look, the content of the film is extremely diverse and touching when exploiting the early concerns of young Lady Bird is trying to find a new horizon, the priceless love Love between relatives in the family, and also the relationship between invisible links between individuals and the burial of their own.

Therefore, even if it is a “small” movie, Lady Bird can completely deserve to be seen as a “big” work, where every viewer after enjoying can find out a story or an episode. That reminds me of my past.

The bird can only be fluffy enough to fly to look for new horizons from a warm nest. Humans can only really rise forward, toward the future if they appreciate the roots and the past.

It’s probably part of the message Greta Gerwig wants to send to the audience through Lady Bird, or the story of her life – a talented female writer who is sure to be the face of Hollywood. in the coming years.


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