Last Knights – A good film that suffers in the middle

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Last Knights – A good film that suffers in the middle
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Last Knights (2015) movie review: -The latest in big budget films starring well-known actors that only made it into limited release, Last Knights follows a group of dishonored knights who attempt to rise up against a heartless ruler.

Decent budget? Check. Good cast? Check. Quality filmmaking? Check. I don’t get the whole ‘limited release’ thing sometimes.

I am usually a big fan of medieval pics like this, and this one is no exception! It does have its flaws though, making it not quite on par with films like King Arthur.

The story is good, and it has an ambiguous setting, which helps it have more room for an original story. I will say that the film takes a large chunk (the middle third) of the film and does nothing with it. It leads the way for a plot point that is very forced, but it gathered itself for the last third of the film. The first third, being the set-up, is also really good.

The pace suffers much like the story in the middle. It has a great start, compelling first act, and action-packed final act that makes it worth it.

The acting is pretty great! Clive Owen is right for these roles and he pulls it off very well. The villain, Aksel Hennie, plays his evil, Wormtongue-dislikable villain very well.

Last Knights
Last Knights

And who doesn’t live Morgan Freeman? He has been going through a patch of generic performances for unnecessary characters, but he does a really good job in this and offers much to the film.

I liked the characters for what they were, which is subject to the film’s missing segment of plot development. Morgan Freeman’s character has values that are incredibly easy to respect, making his character just very likable.

The villain is a bit cliché, but the more dislikable you make a villain, the more cliché you need to be. At least in more cases. Clive Owen’s character takes a really odd turn during the middle that make him less likable than the first act, but the finale act makes up for it.

I really liked the music. None of it was fantastic, but it was good.

The film’s production value was good. There were a few shots where I just know the background was fake, but small things like proper sword sounds or realistic fighting totally make up for those.

The film also breaks a few clichés by having lesser villains that are likable, realistic medieval politics, and a few turns near the finale that make you think, “Yeah, that’s how it would happen.” –

Aside from the middle of the film that slows down and takes its eyes off the main story, Last Knights is a well-made, well-acted, somewhat unique medieval film that I enjoyed. Without any further adieu, I will say that I would totally but Last Knights in a $5 bin.

I was puzzled for most of the film why Last Knights help an R-rating due to a lack of language, only some suggestive content, and realistic non-gruesome violence. And then some extra got stabbed violently, and I was like “Oh! Wow. That’s why.” So Last Knights is Rated-R for violence.

Source: Ryan Prince – imdb


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