Look at the 2015 memorandum in cinema

Look at the 2015 memorandum in cinema
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Look at the 2015 memorandum in cinema

The need for change of women

Discrimination against women and minorities in the film industry is not a strange story. In 1983, the DGA (Directors Guild of America), representing women and minorities of the Warner Bros. Petitioners Association. and Columbia, the lawsuit then went nowhere. By 2015, such incidents have begun with support from the Equal Opportunities Commission and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), most of which All of them are related to directors, actresses. You can watch more movie in losmovies in 365movies.is.

The fact that the big names like Jennifer Lawrence posted their views on being paid less than their male counterparts; And thanks to the many years of research contributed by the Institute for Gender Studies in Media Geena Davis and the Center for Women’s Studies in Cinema in San Diego, brings positive change for women. The mindset of the whole industry involved in this issue is inherently backward, with a lot of data and facts to prove and it needs to be discussed seriously in the near future. “-Am Taubin

Those who love plastic films

The audience applauded when they were told that the movie they were about to see would be a 35mm film filmed – something that actually happened at Brooklyn’s premiere of the New York Film Festival last fall. -what do they mean? And the director Quentin Tarantino filmed The Hateful Eight on 70mm film and then The Weinstein Company tried to convince 100 cinemas in the US to install or re-use the 70mm format film projector mean?

It proves that a lot of people, in addition to the “worms” of the film, also like to watch the film more matte, scratched than DCP film is not flawless. In the digital age, despite the increasingly scarce movie version, movie theaters capable of serving this type are still appearing in New York. In 2016, the completely new Metrograph Theater will open in the east, The Quad Theater is also being renovated and will be reopened back to the spring of 2016.

Both have 35mm film projectors and are is for continuous exposure. Soon after, it will be the Alama showcase in Brooklyn, and IFC Center plans to increase the number of screenings and streamline the show. This may never be superfluous for directors like Speilberg or P.T. Anderson, who is always loyal to filming on film or with movie theaters. If there is a film no longer exists, it will probably remain in our hearts. – Gavin Smith

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular, 2016 will be the year to see if VR has any applications outside of the gaming industry. If your camera does not have video enhancements, a tool for video editing is not developed, the tools that support VR do not come out so soon, the fate of it may be the same. like ‘hologram’.

At this point we should pay close attention to events like Sundance’s New Frontier VR or The New York Times launching simple VR glasses that come with the phone app for you to experience virtual reality in the regional refugee camp. Middle East.-Amy Taubin


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