Love, Simon: Cute And Warm

Love, Simon: Cute And Warm
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Love, Simon: Cute And Warm

Love, Simon certainly will bring to the audience a story of gay teen love extremely cute and warm. Released after the Call Me By Your Name-making movie about gay love resonated with older and exceptional spend important prizes at the prestigious film awards a year ago, but not because of that Love Simon was Bulgarian sides or of being boring.

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Adapted from the novel by Simon vs. the Homo, Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, Love, Simon revolves around the main character is Simon. Simon also superficial life as most of the same friends. You have announced is an attractive middle-aged man, my mother is a woman very mentality, full of quick little sister and a group of close friends is extremely fit gu, Italian food. However, Simon has a secret. He is gay. The truth is Simon discover from 13 years old and over time, you increasingly feel confused and worried. Even so, Simon still looking forward will have at themselves brave enough to come out to her family and the people, to a point that you feel are most appropriate.

However, an event occurred that intended broke. Not so, because to protect secrets, Simon also did some things not with his friends. Whether you’re going to do to solve this mess?

Bright spots for the movie that was sewn build system and psychological happenings of the character in the film quite authentically and logic. So can the other generation, but certainly when viewed Love, Simon the audience can see themselves or things that happened around me appeared in the film. It’s a Simon is anti anxiety and its always up to conceal real people but at the same time he also brings a great desire to share and to love. Is Leah calmness, tenderness and pretty secluded because more than 10 years her only world revolves around a person. She is Abby always proved to be aggressive, dashing, happy but actually it is just a cover to hide her sadness about the family’s life is not as expected …

Of course to express the psychological state that the film needs to own a medium sized youthful cast has real power.

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The first can not not mention actor Nick Robinson. Must admit that good-looking appearance is a major advantage of male stars born in 1995, but if his acting skills did not meet the requirements, then the film was not so much the fans before being released in Vietnam. Especially in the climax scene, with expressive body language of Nick Robinson entirely convinced, viewers also are confused and thrilled along with the characters.

Besides Simon, role of Leah Burke by Katherine Langford expressed also left big impression with viewers. Which of course in the movie this is a faint character, living quite a currency with people but with people watching, Leah is a noble friend you that anyone wishes to have in his life.

No longer is an arid, harsh soldier in Transformers, Josh Duhamel now incarnation into a romantic husband, a man of humor, funny but equally wet event. Meanwhile, the gorgeous Jennifer Garner as a mother very emotional and psychological immensely. Although it appears not much but with the hitting and acting skills have been confirmed, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner gives the viewer the same expensive segment of the burst of emotion.

In addition to the above factors, the music also is a strong and important role in contributing to the attraction at the same time develop feelings of people who see the same characters in the film.

Besides the advantages, of course motion Love, Simon still exist some limitations, including as the process of building the psychology of the character Martin. Will incorporate the logic over as if this guy’s real identity was revealed after he created an important transformation in the landmark film circuits rather than too soon, leading to the story’s become monitoring structure and long lines.

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A sideline issue again in Vietnam, Love, Simon tagged C18 while the film completely without a hot scenes, violent or vulgar speech … Even as the environment, the context, the characters in the film are building a very safe, friendly way. Exploitation of gay love theme of the boys at the age of 17, Love, Simon right from the start was brought to a dark teen substance air and to eventually form the Viewer is incredibly sweet emotions , warm. The message that movie or conveys this very practical and necessary with you kids. Not only gender issues, Simon’s story is also the motivation for your friends have emerged to brave can enjoy love equally fair.


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