Marvel has two sinners who spoiled the content of the Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel has two sinners who spoiled the content of the Avengers: Infinity War
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The whole world is calling for not to leak the “Avengers: Infinity War” but the Marvel family harbors these two “sinners”!

Nine months before the launch of “Avengers: Infinity War,” Mark Ruffalo was in trouble with Marvel Studio after revealing the end of the war, but luckily no one noticed, In the US, Tom Holland also misses the wilderness to reveal the plot of the war for the whole of an arena.

These days the Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers: War of the Infinity) emerged as the blockbuster “terrorist” has ever been screened. People who have not seen, try to avoid the “holy spoiler” as evasion while the web is full of analysis details, reveal the film content. In response to the aspirations of the audience, the Russo brothers once wrote “letters” on their personal page asking fans and reporters to remain silent about the developments in the movie as the Infinity War has yet to be released.

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Still, the actors of the War of the Void are not known to “keep their mouths”, especially the two “criminals” Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland.

Specifically, in July last year, in an interview with Good Morning America (ABC News), Mark and Don Cheadle (James Rhodes / War Machine, the reporter has turned the curiosity of the end of Avengers: Infinity War, as well as who among our heroes have sacrificed in the fight against the butcher. Cosmos Thanos.

Both Mark and Don, of course, were well advised about keeping the film secret, but Mark had “junked” the reporter that the heroes would die (“Wait till you see this next. one – everybody dies “). Needless to say Don sitting next to him jerked and immediately block his friend.

In the final part of the interview video, it’s easy to see that the Hulk later regretted his revelations and blurted: “Well, they can not die, can you cut that? “. The Hulk turns to Don with impatience and asks, “Am I in trouble?” (“Am I in trouble?”). Then the two actress’s firefight required the reporter to continue the conversation with the next questions.

Cả thế giới kêu gọi đừng rò rỉ cái kết Avengers: Infinity War nhưng nhà Marvel lại chứa chấp hai tội đồ này! - Ảnh 3.

Fortunately for the Green Giant, the main content of the interview was Thor: Ragnarok and the fact that most of the superheroes died at the hands of “Sweet Potato” Thanos at that time was a myth. that time was sinking. It was not until the Infinity War was released and so many “baptized” characters realized it was not a joke.

This is not the first time the green giant has revealed the content of the film that he participated before the screening. Also last year, when Screenrant interviewed Mark Ruffalo on the Infinity War, the Hulk actor revealed a sudden “confrontation” between Thor and the Hulk with the evil Thanos before reuniting with the Avengers and teaming up with them. Even the Hulk is considered “handsome” so much that in a Marvel starry interview that who is the most likely to spoil the movie, they all just “straighten” Mark Ruffalo.

With that ending, it is unknown how Marvel Studios will build the Avengers 4 in any direction. The Avengers will continue to be led by “old trees” such as Tony and Cap or be revived by time travel and build a new Avengers empire based on their “seeds”. And not to exclude the possibility that this issue will be revealed by Mark Ruffalo in an interview as he often does.

Another young man is seen as a constant threat to Marvel’s Tom Holland as he is always accompanied by senior men such as Bennedict Cumberbatch and … blocking the throat when the premonition boy prepared. over limit.

Cả thế giới kêu gọi đừng rò rỉ cái kết "Avengers: Infinity War" nhÆ°ng nhà Marvel lại chứa chấp hai "tội đồ" này! - Ảnh 5.

Cả thế giới kêu gọi đừng rò rỉ cái kết "Avengers: Infinity War" nhÆ°ng nhà Marvel lại chứa chấp hai "tội đồ" này! - Ảnh 6.

In November last year, Tom shot a video of a gift from Mark and while he was still struggling to realize what this was, the viewer understood Tom Holland was holding a poster of Avengers: The Infinity War is Marvel announced. After realizing this big mistake, Tom Holland vowed to shut down the camera. On April 27th, actress Megan Amram said Tom had also missed out on an important episode for a packed movie theater in Los Angeles.

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Producers are aware of the danger of this young man, so even the Russo brothers even included a fake script for Tom Holland in case he was slammed before the reporters who are very good at screening.

Luckily for both Tom and Mark is the Avengers: Infinity War was released without any major incidents, thanks in part to the director and scriptwriter who had to work very hard to get the word out. trailer to fake scenarios to avoid the audience guessing the ending as well as the mouth from the other “rising” the other.


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