Max – Feel good but predictable movie

Max movies
Max movies
Max – Feel good but predictable movie
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I was hoping for much more from this movie, but it turned out as per my expectations. I’ve read articles about K9 units and have a lot of respect for the well trained dogs and the countless lives they have managed to save.

Kyle is a marine accompanied by Max in his missions. Kyle has a lot of trust on Max and pays attention to any clues he gives. Unfortunately, during a mission, Kyle is killed in combat. Max survives but now is suffering from PTSD and misses Kyle.

Kyle is survived by his veteran and strict father, mother and younger brother Justin. Justin is the typical teenager spending most of his time playing video games and is generally critical of the marines.

Since Max is no longer fit to serve in the marines, they bring him back to the Wincotts. Max takes an immediate liking to Justin while being aggressive towards everyone else. The Wincotts decide to keep him as a pet. Justin has a friend named Chuy. He meets Chuy’s cousin, Carmen and befriends her. Carmen helps Justin train Max, having a childhood raising stray dogs.

Tyler, Kyle’s companion decides to pay a visit to the Wincotts. During the whole mission, Tyler’s activities are suspicious and Max does not like Tyler at all. The Wincotts ignore Max’s aggressiveness towards Tyler thinking he is always like that towards others. The movie is about finding Tyler’s true intentions and Max’s adventures with Justin, Chuy and Carmen.

Max 2015
Max 2015

The premise sounds good, however the story is pretty predictable: 1.Good guy and good dog – check 2. Good guy’s stern father who has served before and ignorant teenage brother – check 3.

Good dog likes only good guy’s brother – check 4. Good dog helps catch bad guys and saves good guy’s brother – check 5. Good guy’s brother eventually understands good guy’s hard work and misses him – check, watch Max free online hd.

I must admit though that Max and the other dogs were very well trained for the movie and all their scenes are pretty good. Acting wise, no one really shines. Justin, Chuy and Carmen played their part well. Children would enjoy this movie, it has a bit of violence but not too much.

If you want a feel good movie without too much expectations from the story line and acting, do watch this movie in theaters. I would recommend waiting for this movie to come out on DVD. Oh, and don’t miss a little video of Max’s training during the credits.

Source: andynaik – imdb


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