“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” – The perfect match for the series

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” – The perfect match for the series
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Not as dramatic as the first, but “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” closed the series completely.

Launched in 2014, The Maze Runner has created a fever by plotting novels with dramatic expressions. The second part is Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials have a different style and lose the trust of the audience. However, the last part of the series has corrected some of the mistakes as well as bring a pretty label.

Movie content follows the events of the previous section. Minho (Ki Hong Lee) is being captured by the WCKD and taken to the Last City. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) the infirmary decided to penetrate here to save his former teammate. However, it was not easy when WCKD discovered their plans. At the same time, the battle between the two sides inside and outside the city also pushed the world to the brink of extinction. The party must resort to the help of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) – who betrayed them earlier. Is the remedy for Hives harmful? Or has Thomas accomplished his difficult task?

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Action is still strong

Unlike the previous film, when the group Thomas only plug head to escape to death in the Maze Runner: The Death Cure, they know the resistance. Thanks to that, the film is a bit of an attractive and dramatic color of the first episode that was released four years ago. The action of the film takes place throughout and is invested quite thoroughly. Not only in the chase scenes, the film also includes racing, fighting with Fire and shooting guns quite dramatic.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure has long been a favorite of the film’s long-time fans with its high-speed action sequences in a narrow space and plenty of space. Director Wes Ball knows how to lead stories and situations to increase choking. Still, the solution of the film is still quite simple, easy to guess and idealize when the members will definitely receive help at the last minute and no one … dead or injured.

Skill is another merit in this last part. Wes Ball’s work combines both the post-apocalyptic world scene and a futuristic high-tech city. Final City is built in the style of Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell with its skyscrapers full of light and dazzling sound. The fire and explosion was also made quite glitter and monumental with a long war scene at the end of the film. However, this makes the Maze Runner: The Death Cure the color of the action movie familiar but not bring the substance as the first.

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The plot is attractive despite many holes

Also in the final part, director Wes Ball has exploited more specifically the contradictions as well as the many other side effects of the post-apocalyptic factions. If in the previous two episodes, Ava Paige and WCKD are always considered bad guys with many barbaric actions, they have been partly “unfairly”. True to the slogan “WCKD is good”, they just want to find remedies for diseases that are devastating the whole earth. And sometimes, we need sacrifices to do great things. Because if you do not find a way to cure, the earth before all is also doomed and then two small networks are important? The bottom line is that the purpose of them is to find it for themselves or for all humanity.

Meanwhile, the group of people as “victims” had a different face before. Despite being treated badly and not living in the city like other people, but instead of looking for ways to survive, they choose the war with WCKD. No matter what the dangers of the world or what WCKD is doing, the overwhelming choice of those other people can indirectly destroy the civilization of mankind.

In addition, this final film also goes quite deep into the psychology of characters such as Teresa, Thomas and Newt. Everyone has their own reasons and they do what they think is right. This makes the death of some characters more emotionally and emotionally. The movie also promotes the love between them when Thomas, Newt and Minho are emotionally drained and Teresa and Brenda are as faint as two “bad cats” interfering with the crowd.

Maze Runner’s movie: The Death Cure is rather slow, but the incidents are continuous enough to make viewers watch the story. The previous conflict between WKCD and Right Arm, the remedy of Cancer or the fate of the Fist patients are resolved in a satisfactory way. However, the work reveals quite a bit of contradictions and holes in the script and raises many new problems. The film is quite complete when solving some problems ahead but still make viewers nervous because many events have not been explained properly.

Overall, Maze Runner: The Death Cure is not as good as the first, but it’s a fitting fit and emotional enough for the series.

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