Meru – One of the most inspiring films you’ll see – Period

Meru movies
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Meru – One of the most inspiring films you’ll see – Period
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Just got back from seeing the documentary film “Meru” in the theater. I will probably write more on it later, as there’s just too many thoughts swirling now ’round me head.

And perhaps none of you will see the writing (I’ll stick it on IMDb. But the short story is it’s truly a marvel. And not just one of the best docs I’ve seen but one of the greatest movies I’ve seen in a VERY long time.

There’s such an immersing story there, and the 3 principle characters are fleshed out so impressively that by the end you really are emotionally invested in each and feel you understand deeply what motivates and scares each of them. It’s a film which really shines a light on big ideas of motivation, inspiration, brotherhood, insane, I mean INSANE perseverance and really broad almost sports movie clichés territory.

Meru (Source:

But they nailed it! Honestly this film takes on such subjects in such a way as to put to shame most of the “feel-good”, “overcome the impossible”, “overcome so much to follow your dream” – type films. And the fact that it’s a true story is just all the more awe inspiring.

And yeah, can’t stress it enough, each of the three climbers’ back stories are just so dramatic, and interesting. Any one of the three could have a nice documentary film made about them, watch Meru movies online hd.

It actually is crazy how many awesome story lines exist here, how many twists and back stories exist in this documentary and how nicely they tie all three of their lives together so beautifully.

Oh and it’s about climbing a mountain, what more beautiful built-in cinematography can you ask for? And what better built-in metaphor can you want for any goddamn goal you may have in life?

It’s astounding. If you can see it, I highly recommend it. It is just about the most purely INSPIRING film I’ve ever seen.

Source: Ryan Casto – imdb


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