[Reviews] Million dollar kidnapping-compact Film over cooler

[Reviews] Million dollar kidnapping-compact Film over cooler
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Trailer of million dollar Kidnapping brings us what? A kidnapping ransom, a former CIA agent, the car breaking of crab as being in service Chase, lots of guns. All the facts on how you can contact directly to a compelling action films, but no, what happened in the movie will definitely change your mind.

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In the summer of 1973, Paul, the grandson of the oil magnate J.P. Getty (Christopher Plummer) is kidnapped in Rome by an Italian gang. The kidnappers demanded the ransom amount was $17 million, a figure not large compared with total assets of Getty. However, he wouldn’t spend the money that decided to choose less expensive when assigning his nephew rescue for Chase, a former CIA spy. Paul’s mother, Abigail (Michelle Williams), a single mother destitute but rich in love, forced to partner with Chase (Mark Wahlberg) to win back her children from the hands of kidnappers.


Million dollar kidnapping is not an action film that it’s much more emotional bias. The work gives the viewer an extremely attractive and battle suspense, but the main enemy in a war that is not Italian kidnappers that no one else is the J.P. Getty, the grandfather of the boy was arrested. At the time, Getty was the richest person in the world, and become more wealthy as he loves money. The presence of he seat a murky atmosphere, frozen onto the people around, his eyes cold as sharp wanted to give warning and action before the My. Stay on top of the money, the fame, the Getty has always viewed himself as a King in modern times, but in the end he still just me for money only. Money dominates everything, it turned him into a selfish, greedy, deceitful, liars … Each action of the Getty has always been the dollar controls.

You will see the whole person when he viewed Abigail Harris as a scourge, a formidable threat hazard to his property, stripping away everything from her hand, while what this woman wanted just to live with his son. And even having to spend money to save grandson is no exception. J.p. Getty valuing all people, and it seems he gives that little nephew didn’t deserve the price of $17 million. Even if the kidnappers had cut the ears and lower the price Paul down to only 4 million, Getty still only move 1 million for Abigail to avoid being taxed. Though only scanty preparation time but Christopher Plummer made extremely outstanding incarnation as J.P. Getty. Although the amount of time that appears not so much but his character seems to include both “stage”, giving the audience an obsession not lightly even though this is not a work of horror.

Also the other side of the line, a mother and a former CIA agent working hard to rescue the kid Paul. Both just have to try to negotiate with the kidnappers, delay, has to struggle with the billionaire to get ransom money. Despite being sandwiched between two powerful and push as a space shuttle but the mother Abigail still doesn’t waver. Million dollar kidnapping as a ring for the talented actor demonstrating his acting ability. And besides a Getty greed, alone, we now have a strong, resilient Abigail the same boundless love for his son. Only sorry that former CIA spy guy by Mark Wahlberg played back without too many roles and also do not show much in the film.

The work has a fairly tight plot and interesting point of it is to always highlight was the contrast in personality and actions between the J.P. Getty and Abigail. But although both have played well to where the conversation takes place throughout the film hardly made a comfortable audience watched both films. The work still have accents, but it is not deep enough to cause the Viewer to become excited or were attracted to the next. Scenes can be viewed as the most prominent in the film is the Getty’s grandson situation to force Abigail from all custody, but whether there will be how much the audience sitting under the unexpected feel because of this? Have to say this is a good movie and worth watching, but it will also require in the audience a certain patience to enjoy.

Context of the 70 years of the previous century appeared a very authentically. From costumes, architecture, vehicles. to all the audio. The music film “fraud” with the tone like singing the story of the characters.

If the content can be distilled and collapse back to a bit more then this would certainly be a very excellent work.


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