Movie reviews IMDB – Top reviews 2018

Movie reviews IMDB
Movie reviews IMDB
Movie reviews IMDB – Top reviews 2018
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Movie reviews IMDB – Top reviews 2018. IMDB the world’s leading movie reviewer. Many people often associate with the name ibmn. Reviews from users are very objective and honest. Please read the quality reviews only at IMDB offline!

Movie reviews IMDB
Movie reviews IMDB

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1. The Commuter (2018)

Movie reviews IMDB: I enjoy Liam Neeson action flicks as much as the next guy, but I also prefer say a Taken, The Grey, or Unknown over such films as Taken 2 or 3. In other words, it’s as simple as saying I enjoy his action outings when they are a nice mix of fun thrills with serious overtones. To me, that’s when he succeeds the most. The Commuter, which is supposedly his last action film, is a less than stellar film that revolves around another unbelievably silly (but plausible for a Neeson film) situation in which the 65 year old action star can flex his abilities.

The problem I had with The Commuter was that it lacks the fun that some of Neeson’s previous outings had. In large part, it mirrors another train thriller from a few months ago, Murder on the Orient Express. The mystery has some interesting twists and turns, but there just isn’t enough action pizazz to keep it from being forgettable within days. In fact, I saw the movie yesterday, and I’m having some trouble remembering certain plot elements.

There are some solid performances among some not so good ones. Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neil, and Jonathan Banks do their best with a serviceable script to provide intriguing characters and plot developments that are nothing more than B-movie material. I guess that’s probably the best way to describe this film, it’s something that you could enjoy on a night home and scrolling through channel guide. But there’s nothing nuanced or special about The Commuter. It’s the prototypical January release.

2. Acts of Violence (2018)

Movie reviews IMDB: While some movie critics and film buffs would be giving this unsatisfactory reviews, I on the other hand have been entertained and educated. First of all, I’m entertained enough to see Bruce Willis as a supporting cast and working along side Cole Hauser again (remembering their work in Tears of the Sun of 2003). Bruce plays as a tired old cop who’s can’t take anymore of the frequent human trafficking case that doesn’t seem to have an end to it. Cole on the other hand is an ex-military with PTSD who helps find his younger brother’s fiancé no matter what it takes. So if you’re looking for action, this movie has enough gun fight scenes to satisfy that expectation.

Finally, for someone like me who has little awareness about human trafficking in the US, this movie helped me realize that it’s real and what makes it a big problem is because of the different forces at play supporting such dreadful heinous activities. Aside from human trafficking, family is also one of the focus of the movie. But if creating awareness about human trafficking is the main theme, whether it’s in Ohio or anywhere else in the world , I like the approach and how the story was written.

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3. Early Man (2018)

Movie reviews IMDB: Recalling the delusion prehistoric romps of hammer – light on historical accuracy, heavy on thrills – british animation organization aardman return this yr with early guy, a brilliant if narratively bland caveman caper that correctly features as get away to victory for the below-10s. Eddie redmayne lends his voice to dug, a pleasing-however-dim neanderthal leading an idyllic lifestyles in a leafy meteor crater. Passing his shortened lifespan looking rabbits with his blundering tribe (voiced by means of timothy spall, richard ayoade and selina griffiths, among others), he dreams of stalking mammoths like his primeval ancestors. However, the tribe’s very existence is jeopardised by means of the invasion of a bronze age superpower, who threaten to enslave their slack-jawed subordinates unless they are able to defeat them at their sacred sport – something referred to as “football”.

Probably deliberate for launch in a fifa international cup 12 months – the technologically-advanced invaders’ queen, voiced through the splendid miriam margolyes, is herself known as ‘oofeefa’ – it’s really disappointing to look aardman and founder nick parks falling back on such hackneyed plotting, even if early guy does seem greater pitched at the shaun of the sheep flock than those who heartily enjoyed the riotous the pirates! In an journey with scientists!. Fortuitously, a few commonly wealthy voice-appearing and a plethora of visible gags help to gloss over a number of uncharacteristic stumbles.


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