Mythica The Darkspore – A modest journey with average fantasy troupe

Mythica The Darkspore movies
Mythica The Darkspore movies (Source:
Mythica The Darkspore – A modest journey with average fantasy troupe
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Mythica series is a niche for fantasy fans, it doesn’t boast high budget production, but decent enough for a B-movie viewing.

Watch The Darkspore movies free hd has a couple of nice designs and occasional humor, yet the narrative doesn’t produce that great of an adventure. It does feel as though we’re seeing some sub quest from a game or mediocre side episode of less-than-epic tale.

It revolves around a party of mage, necromancer to be specific, and warriors to ensure the enemy force doesn’t possess the illusive Darkspore. Unfortunately, there’s barely any draw to the premise, it spends almost one hour to set-up the plot yet the momentum doesn’t take off and it just ends up floating in a flat line the entire time. A few gimmicky plot devices that are introduced won’t appeal to many since they tend to be vague.

Mythica The Darkspore
Mythica The Darkspore – imdb

Actors do their best on the material they have, the costumes are nice as well. In some scenes, there is decent humor to be had, mainly in the expense of the joker character. Aside from that, the personalities feel bland.

They don’t engage the audience, merely rehearsing stereotypical fight the evil theme. It could’ve capitalized on the stereotypical premise to bring humor or present more twists, but the movie keeps it too safe.

Effects are passable at best, there are a few instances that really break the immersion. For example, the encounter with mythical entity that just looks dreadful. Considering the budget, it does fairly well for half the runtime, although when these flaws appear they are noticeably jarring.

I’m inclined to give it higher score since it has the feel of fantasy adventure when it shines for a brief moment, but the lackluster characterization and effects make the movie into an ordinary fetch quest, hardly a captivating tale.

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