Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 – Review Black Mirror Season 3

Netflix Black Mirror Season 3
Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 – Review Black Mirror Season 3
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Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 – Review Black Mirror Season 3

Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 revived one of the greatest dramas, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, once again shocking audiences with more uncanny and wonderful stories.

Netflix Black Mirror Season 3

One of the greatest works written by Charlie Brooker, this drama has been a huge hit since it premiered on Channel 4 UK in 2011. After two seasons, three episodes and a special episode in the Christmas season, the TV series was bought by Netflix and broadcasted on season three on its pay-TV channel.

Black Mirror season 3 is even more obsessive and weird than ever, writer Charlie Brooker really know how to make the viewer to squeeze the brain to realize the story seems like a fiction. The irony is distant.

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Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 and the previous two seasons

Brooke’s excellence was demonstrated in the first two episodes. First, Brooker immerses the audience into the main character and brings the joyful atmosphere of the 80s, and then he creates feelings that only the most dry heart can be indifferent. Feeling no sense.

What makes the Black Mirror’s true audience loyal to the film is its unpredictable content, always strangely impressive. With the episode titled San Junipero, this would be Brooker’s biggest change during the third season, which did not contain any kind of horror, metamorphosis or psychosis, but instead The benefits and greatness of technology bring to humanity, not just the spread of terrible things.

In the first two seasons to be released in 2011 and 2013, each season is limited to three episodes, but with the release of Netflix, now every season has 6 episodes, enough for you to satisfy your heart. . In addition, the fourth season will be released next year, without waiting until 2018. Charlie Brooker has an interesting explanation for his cause called the Black Mirror: “When an episode ends, the screen Turn it off, it looks like a black mirror (I’m feeling it very cold and scary). “This is definitely the movie you will expect the next time you’ve missed” sticking “.


The Black Mirror is a kind of sci-fi mix of Thriller and Horror about high technology in the near future, where people are more technologically advanced than we are now. dark corner of man. The equipment reminds us of a dream of a comfortable future and “high technology” makes us have a better life, but after watching you still think so? Do human beings need extra strength to sell, boycott, humiliate, and lead?

Each episode in the Black Mirror is a separate story, but if there is an intrigue there is an invisible link between the stories together. Some episodes hold the balance for the remaining episodes. Not only fairy tales, but it also has the characteristics of each film category. Hated in the Nation is the detective series, Shut Up and Dance is a psychological, horror genre. San Junipero – the best episode of the season is a romance. Linking together, the episodes this season are truly a collection of views and interpretations of internet life in all sorts of people – gamers, facebook, teens or even old.

The great that Charlie Brooker brings in Black Mirror Season 3

Charlie Brooker is capable of transforming the worrisome issues in today’s society into even more frightening and vivacious viewers. Even the lowest rated episode this season, Shut Up and Dance will also help you to wary of the dangers of the internet and the cost of subjectivity. For the Nosedive, where people value quality and morality through social networking numbers, it makes you feel inhibited and laugh at yourself because it’s too social. The heroine in this episode must have “acted” for his whole life to get good scores on that social network, and it is also killing the true humanity of the heroine or any human. Anything in this movie brings this alarm bell. Black Mirror is like a black mirror reflecting the ugly and naked things of this society.

Brooker’s most important and worth mentioning issue is the real danger of social networking. The dangers found in this virtual world are more scary than we imagined.

Black Mirror this season has done an unprecedented thing: In San Junipero, the two women are tourists of a strange town, let’s feel that perhaps life in each period will have a how different the lifestyle and the color of this beautiful society. This is the only episode that speaks high tech. As for Shut Up and Dance, in addition to alert viewers about the internet, it also shows the true nature of humanity in the most difficult situation, this is also the most deadly episode of the season.

The Black Mirror presents a different perspective on human society today by bringing us to the future, using the technologies that will most likely emerge as a wake-up call for humankind. to interact with each other through the eyes, smile and soul of each person.


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