The new film’s Channel Zero 2016

The new film’s Channel Zero 2016
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Review Film Channal Zero 2016

One person below me compared Channel Zero to Stranger Things. I say, shame on you Sir. I as a SIFI hater and not a big fan of the ‘supernatural’ found Stranger Things excellent on all levels.

Channel Zero, clearly lower budget, seems to lack the ‘wow’ factor. I have seen the Pilot and decided that I will only watch episode two to see if I am not wrong – at this moment I am 80% sure I will note make it to episode 3.

My opinion based on the pilot is that Channel Zero is a cliché filled series with some poor acting/actors, poor visuals and a mediocre script. The creators have taken the book horror-for-dummies, and threw all elements in a bag. Forrest, check. TV with static, check. Creepy/confused child psychologist, check. Dead in the past, check. Backward town, check. Get the picture?

The Pilot was somewhat ‘messy’ and disorganized. A sloppy introduction to what is ahead. Not very intriguing, captivating nor did it leave me hungry for more. It wasn’t scary, nor funny. If anything, very flat emotionally and creatively. If you have to choose between Channel Zero and Stranger Things, I’d suggest you put this on the bottom of your watch-list.

I would understand though, and I assume, that me being an adult may have to do with my dislike. I could see how kids enjoy this. Kids don’t need structure, just a story. Kids don’t need logic or coherence, kids do not ask pesky questions as I do, nor do they wonder too much about what’s ahead.

The original “Candle Cove” story by Kris Straub was short, written in the style of a discussion taking place on an online forum, and had a great twist at the end. What “Channel Zero” has tried to do is take Straub’s story and add to it, filling it out to a six episode series. The problem is that in so doing it has lost what make many of the creepy pasta stories so effective.

Although the series is somewhat effective at building a creepy atmosphere, none of the new material which has been added really works. The characters are not very well developed, the narrative is muddled and as a viewer I was more often confused than scared.

It is such a shame. When I first heard about this series I had high expectations, and the trailers for it were great. It would have been far better to make this an anthology, with each episode being based on a single story, that way you may have ended up with something closer to what made the original stories so memorable.

watched till Episode 4- Do you remember those creepy episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog and even some of those Tom & Jerry episodes? Candy Cove is no where close to being even remotely spooky. It looks and sounds like some children’s school Pirate themed project filmed in class. The dialog is not menacing. The figures are not disturbing.

The lack of content to fill 6 episodes really show whenever you get scenes which shows a protagonist just walking through a building for 3 minutes with no atmosphere and simple camera pans, it gets really tedious to watch. Repeat that with 20 seconds here of people just sitting around and 20 seconds of lingering shots every scene change, this becomes unwatchable.

It is also plagued by clichés of characters unwilling to talk and discuss with each other, thus wasting episodes with no progress, filled with conversations so devoid of content that a 5 minutes long palaver can be edited to 1 minute or less.

And being billed as horror, the creatures look identical to grade school home made Halloween costumes. How is that suppose to create tension? All in all, the producers should really had made this into hour long stand-alone episodes, like a true horror anthology. Unbelievable that this had been picked up for 4 seasons. Guess SyFy is really desperate to fill up the time slots.


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