Not terrible monsters, this is the most scary thing in “A Quiet Place”!

Not terrible monsters, this is the most scary thing in “A Quiet Place”!
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Not terrible monsters, this is the most scary thing in “A Quiet Place”!

Not to be outdone by bloodthirsty creatures, the little details found in the horror film “A Quiet Place” are enough to make you shine, typical of the image of a rusty nail on the face. floor.

For the cinema, the worst fear can come from the very closest. No need for giant creatures, sticky or supernatural powers, talented filmmakers always know how to make the minds of the audience stretch like strings with items and items associated with living life. Everyday characters on the screen. Sure, the pain that the viewer easily feels if it’s happening to me will be more terrifying than the vague, imaginative experiences.

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A Quiet Place brought one of the best horror films as a nail.

And we all know what happens when a bare foot pedal on the rusty iron nail. Director John Krasinski made the most of this situation in order to create an atmosphere of intense tension throughout his newest spirituality, A Quiet Place. The hilt image will be sure to bold in your mind a long time after the film ends.

Set in the futuristic future, when humanity is on the verge of extinction by the mighty monster. Despite their “blindness,” they possess extremely sharp hearing, and are able to pinpoint the location of the bad prey through sound. So you can only survive if you know how to keep quiet, any noise is synonymous with near death.

The Abbott family consists of five members who decide to upgrade their abandoned farmhouse. They carefully marked the safe, noise-free locations with the gray markings. One day, while carrying laundry, the pregnant woman accidentally snagged the bag in the nail on the stairs. Even though she snatched the cover off so lightly, the nail was pulled straight up, pointing at the spike through the floor. Since the character is not aware of this danger, all the viewers are sure that the nail will also be associated with the story behind it.

So, every scene that goes up or down the stairs is always filled with nervous anxiety, because we do not know when the nail will bring disaster to the head of the family. Not quick considering the pain, reaction screaming when trample it was enough to entice the hungry monster hunting.

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock presented the theory of plugging and maintaining stress: You can not just make a bomb and leave it exploding, you have to “talk” to the person. Know that the “bomb” is right there, and the characters on the screen do not care or pay attention. This is how filmmakers keep their audience immersed in fear.


Throughout the 90 minutes of time, A Quiet Place quietly arranged a series of “bombs” so. Next to the holy nail, the female lead Emily Blunt plays the baby again. How can she be safe enough to give birth to a baby and care for the baby without making a sound?

The heart-throbbing sequence actually has a strong impact on the viewer. At times, everything seemed so bad, the clever, persuasive treatment of the Abbott family made you breathe a sigh of relief. However, when you have just ignored the alert, John Krasinski launched the next “bomb” scare.

But the most important thing Alfred Hitchcock wants to emphasize is that a movie can still “blow” the mind of the audience, even if they do not need to detonate the bomb. The nail was a useful tool that John Krasinski used because not only did we easily imagine the terrible pain it would cause, but it also appeared in front of the audience in a very “itchy eye”. There is no dialogue between the characters about the nail, even when a member of the family has accidentally trampled on it. Therefore, the fear from the nail will cling to you until the last scene.


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