Outcast – Horrible Combinations

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Outcast – Horrible Combinations
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To start of with, this film is terribly awful, and bless such English accent, it is not well adjusted to each of its Asian player – it feels off and extremely weird.

Quite disappointed of how the film turned out, it lack of the ability of story-telling, basically, every scenes does not fit on a precise time-line, it’s all messed up (like the one when Jacob back to Lian and Zhao, when the scenes shows them on run to hide, where? and how did they get the horses? They didn’t explain this, it should have been a short explanation yet, the film didn’t).

The fighting scenes was not cut to be exist, how I would really like if the scene when Nicolas Cage tried to fend of the black guards were made to be more epic, y’know, that scene, is very boring.

It’s like, it was made in messed up plot to make Nicolas Cage’s Character die (more like a rushed scene that supposed from my view, without that scene, it will be fine). Anyway, Hayden Christensen’s fighthing scene with Shing was awful…

Outcast (Source: https://asianmoviepulse.com)

The first time i saw Jacob’s (a.k.a Hayden) sword, I was like ‘ooo… this sword looks heavy’ and when he fight with Shing, I was expecting a good fight but no – it was simply horrible. Dual blade and long sword battle? it should have been an “epic” fight but, this fight was rushed to be finished quick. Shing looks so “majestic and arrogant” at first, same at the fight but what, he’s dead – just by a stab (a really deep stab).

Each of the character have poor background story, having east and west being combined is already a terrible idea and now the characters.

The kingdom itself (where Zhao, Lian and Shing came from) was not clear, like, normally there would be name (depends on what time-line does the kingdom existed) and it seems to be forced, from west heading to east, the film does not explained the year which makes this whole film have a very poor setting. All you can see is that, they are escaping, with a (suddenly) pop-up designated area.

English accent, (this makes me regretted for watching this film), why don’t just let the Asian be for what they are. Like, HEY! THEY COME FROM THE EAST, NOT WEST! Plus, from my view, back then, even a well educated royals doesn’t speak English (especially) that fluently (I do not discriminate anyone here, I am talking about the film here, please do not misunderstand for what I speak of) All the west + east is horrible, then there’s the English accent, sometimes, if you blink an eye, you wouldn’t suspect anything – everything seems fine.

But, when you listen while watching carefully, you will find that the character’s talking were off from the rod, they way they talk did not match their voice tone. Like Lian’s, her voice was so soft and light, and sometimes did not match the dialogue she was talking in particular scene while Xiaoli’s were much like an adult rather than a kid.(If this was made by casting, I would say, there is no need for it, it is much enjoyable to hear as what they are)

Lastly, maybe they should learn to organize scenes, everything were jumbled. The King’s death, like it was designed to inflict conflict of whether who’s fit to be in the throne. Meeting the white ghost (a.k.a Nicolas Cage) at the mountains, seems like it was created to extend the story further like, temporary shelter and help.

Do the followers of white ghost were made for nothing? They seems to appear for a sec and die at the next plus, May, she’s dead for “nothing”, all those followers seems to be placed as a figure and lack of their own background story.

Source: yukinokourei – imdb


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