Pitch Perfect 1 & 2: Music hits for young people

Pitch Perfect 1 & 2: Music hits for young people
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Pitch Perfect 1 & 2: Music hits for young people

In 2012, young people from all over the world, and, of course, suddenly began to sing with cups. Cups have been re-presented by millions of viewers, reaching 190 million views and downloads. Pitch Perfect is the source of the rage of a great time.

In the category of music / comedy, School Of Rock is still the most popular movie of all time with global sales of up to 131.2 million. Set right after the phenomenon of 2012, Pitch Perfect. With a budget of only $ 17 million, at the end of the movie, the film grossed $ 113 million.

Song “Cups” Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect has been very successful in building up a youthful, passionate singing sensation with a passion for singing and reunion to revive The Barden Bellas, a long-standing tradition in Acapella. learn. The passionate fire of the characters, the friendship, the effort to overcome the difficulties and especially the beautiful voice, the catchy songs really conquered the audience.

Also take the theme of music, the scene at school, targeting the audience of new adults, but the script of Pitch Perfect is very well written. The movie has many characters but does not overshadow the main character that each person still has personality, appearance prominently. The structure is not new, there are disagreements, disbandment, reunion and explosion at the end. However, the development and resolution of the situation is reasonable so the audience does not feel the film is sore path. The actors from the main to the role are relatively good but breakthrough level must mention the actress

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The soundtrack of Pitch Perfect also received a huge response from the audience. A cappella-style soundtrack album that sold over 1 million copies nationwide, becoming the best-selling 2013 Soundtrack. The film also received a number of nominations and awards. MTV Movie Award, Teen Choice Awards, American Music Awards.

After winning the national championship, the girls in The Barden Bellas were honored to perform at President Barack Obama’s birthday party. Unfortunately, a freak accident happened to the fatty Amy member, causing the group to be suspended.

The Barden Bellas’ place was replaced by the German-based group Das Sound Machine. The situation will only reverse if the girls win the first prize in the Acappella Competition worldwide – a goal that seems to be impossible. But nothing stops Beca, Fat Amy, Jesse Swanson, Bumper Alle, and his teammates from moving forward. They are determined to let the world know who they are.

Song “Flashlight ” in Pitch Perfect 2 Final Performance

In Pitch Perfect 2, watch pitch perfect 2 online the situation changed with the Barden Bellas girls, when their opponents were no longer schoolmates or in the country but larger groups from everywhere. on the world. Audiences will be able to enjoy live-in duets between groups, with familiar melodies from Pop and Hip Hop songs of the 1990s that are remixed in a fun way.

In particular, Pitch Perfect 2 also gives viewers the hit of Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Muse, Bell Biv Devoe … and vibrant dance. Part of the cast that made the success of the first part, including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld.



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