Racing extinction full movie (2015) – Bell warn of the destruction of nature

Racing extinction full movie (2015) – Bell warn of the destruction of nature
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Racing extinction full movie (2015) | Racing extinction online free – Bell warn of the destruction of nature

Introduction to film Racing Extinction full movie

Racing Extinction full movie is a documentary about a series of secretive activities that prevent the extinction of rare animals by human hunts or environmental influences that increase the offspring. number of extinct species.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Documentary
Director: Louie Psihoyos,
Actor: Elon Musk, Joel Sartore, Louie Psihoyos,
Country: United States
Duration: 90 min
Release: 2015
IMDb: 8.3

Is the film has taken away how many tears of the viewer. When it raises the bell on the animal world. It was the destruction of a human race that threatened the lives of animals as well as nature. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

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Racing extinction reviews

#1: I say save planet earth is not arrogant, it is a slogan that helps us shake the conscience of each of us (I dare not say wake up, people are arrogant, hard to do, not to do great things, but more simple is to do small things, practical, small things when the new collector becomes a great thing. People who do not want to live for themselves, it is our natural instinct, but if we have identified that we have the “human”, then surely we must have different perceptions. “you”. – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

The Earth is apparently self-recovering, and it is able to recover from the wilderness, and it can also recover from a series of forest destruction, when fishermen catch fish at sea or a discharge plant that causes the fish to die in a row – right, the earth is clearly recoverable, but it can only recover at a “natural” level, while recovering at a “destructive” level. There must be some gods, some Bramah deities, some Prometheus can not save. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, we are dying – that is the journey of any creature to go through, so we choose our story and forget it or catch it. What do you do for future generations? – reviews racing extinction online free.

#2: The quote planet save planet earth is the most arrogant statement of man, the earth has existed long before man and undergoing many extinctions, this planet is capable of self-recovery, it is 1 Part of the universe, too big and great compared to us, it can knock people out at any moment like dead beetles. We can save ourselves – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#3: The greatest destruction that human beings can make up to this point is the nuclear war. Even with nuclear war, only humans + 99% of plants and animals will go extinct. Bacteria and other single-celled organisms still live and continue to evolve. Several billion years later, the earth was filled with life.- reviews racing extinction online free.

#4: Man is the weakest creature but he thinks himself to be the head of the food chain of nature. -_- Speaking of cruelty, the devil is no more than a part of humanity.
“It sounds stupid but ‘Change your diet and save the world right now’!” – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#5: A really good movie. Extremely meaningful.
There is no word to describe it all.- reviews racing extinction online free.

#6: A movie will take away the tears of those who are eligible to be called “people” – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#7: Extremely deep, meaningful – reviews racing extinction online free.

#8: Watch the scene of a finned shark trying to swim in the ocean that cramp. Thank you to the filmmakers for bringing such a wonderful movie – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#9: A good film. Unbelievably everything is much worse than what I know – reviews racing extinction online free.

#10: Long before we have a good movie to watch so. No horror, no humor, no superhero or romance. Only reality and the efforts of environmental activists. – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#11: Whoever prepares to watch this movie, the previous one is not a movie for you to enjoy action movies, horror movies or adventure movies … but just a movie about nature … but if you win 1 hour 30 minutes of life to see and truly BELIEVE, you have more than an hour and 30 minutes to live in the future … I watched this movie and found it very educational .. From now on, I will be practicing the habit of eating vegetables and replacing fish meat with more natural protection, each of us should be vegetarian once a week and plant a tree, whether small or large in his place. Living the world will be very different .. (vegetarian one time and plant a very simple tree that you) – reviews racing extinction online free.

#12: The film is very meaningful, let’s help protect our lives now. – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

#13: Can not express emotions now have to say that within minutes of watching the end of the film I feel human resentment for the animals and found myself to be a criminal – reviews racing extinction online free.

#14: After watching the new wish that, why not be born a certain species in nature than people, when the thought of talking but also self-destructive. When people know that, just know about material money. – reviews Racing Extinction full movie.

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