Racing Extinction – A beautiful film about our future, about hope

Racing Extinction movies
Racing Extinction movies (Source:
Racing Extinction – A beautiful film about our future, about hope
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I honestly cant remember when I last reviewed a movie / documentary, however, I fell in love with the message of this documentary.

Its a story of whats happening to our planet. What we are doing to our own, our only home. A home we all share with other residents who have been turned into guests & slowly killed off one by one, by us.

Far more entertaining, saddening, thought provoking, guilt triggering & as if knowing our need / desire for a twist at the end, hope bringing & pasting a smile to our face at the end.

The message is clear, we have been making mistakes, however, we still have time, together we all can bring a change, a change for happiness & place for every creature on this planet.

Racing Extinction
Racing Extinction (Source:

And to make the review a bit more personal, I want to share, how its affected me. I love bags, I actually love leather. As a geek, I really really care about my backpacks, shoulder bags etc.

I actually have over 20 bags and keep on the lookout for expensive brands, unique designs etc. I have just deleted all the references / link to the sites. I have plenty, its time I used the damn bags, the twenty themselves will last me my lifetime.

Racing Extinction watch this movie, for your own knowledge, for the guests of this planet, for your children. Nevermind, just watch it for yourself.

Source: kaydan-97529 – imdb


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