Rampage Movie Review – Watch Rampage 2018 online free

Rampage Movie Review – Watch Rampage 2018 online free
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Rampage Movie Review – Watch Rampage 2018 online free

You can not forget the giant chimpanzee in “Kong: Skull Island” and Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock” in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. So let’s ask how likely are these two giants to get together in the same movie?

Right from the poster and the first teaser, many people associate Rampage as a remake of the King Kong series with a giant chimpanzee flapping its chest. But for gamers, who have seen blockbuster movies transformed from games earlier this year, such as “Tom Raider” (2018) or “Ready Player One” (2018), they will not be unfamiliar. with “Rampage” – the next blockbuster to be adapted from the game of the same name. However, while the popular Tomb Raider, Warcraft, and Assassin’s Creed series are well known, Rampage is more picky when it comes to gaming in the 80s and 90s of the last century. This is less known.


Although the first images appearing on the trailer of Rampage were not enough to impress many viewers, but after the early screenings in the United States, the film immediately received a lot of praise from critics. , prestigious movie magazines and audiences. So what is the attraction of Rampage as well as giant rock gorilla Geogre of the Rock different from the previous monsters on the screen like?

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Beasts created from human greed

Due to the transformation of the game “smashing” so the script of Rampage is quite simple. In the film, veteran biologist and veteran Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) is in charge of animal care at the San Diego State Conservatory of America, which carries both the colorless gorillas Geogre, which Davis brought back from Africa after seeing her mother murdered by a hunter, so that Geogre is very connected with Davis through special communication and interesting games.

After the event that spawned Energryne’s space research, Geogre and two other animals in the conservation park were the Ralph wolf and the genetically modified Lizzy alligator turned into three monstrous fiends. . At this point, Davis just had to find the cause of the incident, just to find a way to rescue Geogre and stop the destruction of the remaining two beasts ….

Just like the origin of the giant gorillas King Kong, Godzilla’s “radiation” beast or the Kaiju cosmic monster that appeared on the previous screen, three giant beasts in Rampage originated From the negativity of human beings to their ecosystems, here is the Energryne crime syndicate with cruelty-transforming research for evil purposes. David himself said when he saw that Geogre was transformed, “it’s not his choice.”

Add a successful movie to The Rock

As a fantasy movie, computer graphics (CGI) and motion-capture (Mocap) are used so much, so viewers will have the opportunity to witness the buildings in Chicago’s US city. How terrible these monsters devastated, besides the unforgettable moments with the eyes and the playful gestures of Geogre.

However, director Brad Peyton still wants the scene of fire and explosion in the film to be as realistic as possible, so you will see the technique is modulated and processed enough to focus on the film circuit instead. Sitting “buggy”, which exploits some psychological factors in communication between humans and animals, as well as the friendship between the two species to create the necessary silence, before falling into the epic battle in the end of the movie.

Dwayne himself is a fan of Rampage, as he shared on Total Film’s fanpage, “When I was young in Hawaii, I went to school to play billiards. Swim or play Rampage. So when the producer of Beau Flynn shared his intention to adapt the game to the screen, he immediately agreed to participate and actively search for writers, because in the game itself is simply the screen The tomb has no plot.

Of course, even that can be seen with a movie adaptation of the game like Rampage, the plot is not a strong point. Although the acting and character lines in the movie are not very good – especially when the villains are not as strong as many think, but that can be calculated by the filmmakers, when the Rampage is “the land. “of the beast. Even Dwayne himself did not exaggerate his usual muscular power, he only used them when needed, and the technique proved to be effective when Rampage was widely criticized as one of the most successful films. most of The Rock.

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Worth the money to go to the cinema

Rampage featured Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello, and Naomie Harris. In addition to Dwayne’s good acting, the rest of the cast members also had shoulder-to-shoulder roles alongside the mighty CGI monster. Of course, in a movie that is simply adapted from a “slots game,” there are many instances of logic and lack of clarity.

On the aspect of entertainment and action, perhaps Rampage will not make the audience to the cinema to be disappointed with the splendid battle. And with The Rock fans, it’s probably worth the movie, because you’ll rarely see the pairing of ” Message about friendship throughout the film.

Note, Rampage was released on 13/4 on the country cinemas with a duration of 110 minutes and it is only suitable for children. High school students, so parents should take note when bringing young children to accompany.


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