Ready to fire with Agents of SHIELD season 4

Ready to fire with Agents of SHIELD season 4
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Ready to fire with Agents of SHIELD season 4

Promoting the ABC series and MARVEL has officially launched a series of new photos and clips on the cast including Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider) in the agents of shield season 4 netflix.

In the first clip, the audience will see our group of agents return to work. They are on their way to finding their friend, Daisy, but they also have clues about Ghost Rider.
In an interview with EW, actor Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) said:

“Ghost Rider will be another threat we have never faced before. It will be another extension of the MARVEL universe and other exotic elements, he must be one. Bad from the real hell. ”

Next, the promo for “Ghosts”. In the video the viewer can feel that this power is a “curse” beyond expectations of Robbie, the call of vengeance.
“I did not want this … it was a curse!”

Robbie Reyes is a fast-paced, fast-paced, street-racer who makes his living and caring for his younger brother at home. But one day, he encountered unexpected accident, it made him almost stand in front of the door to hell. During that time, he received the curse of Ma Speed, the curse of revenge.

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Finally, the official series of characters in the movie, Daisy also returned to her teammates to continue the journey of hunting “soul robbers” on the street!
Milestone in Season 4 will occur after Captain America: Civil War in May. Coulson is no longer the director of SHIELD, but returns as a field agent, continuing to explore the world’s Inhumans under Daisy. But she is working individually, not a SHIELD agent.

By putting Ghost Rider in the movie, a wider world is open to the public. The MARVEL universe is almost complete, the line between gods, souls and aliens is getting closer to the human world.
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Ghost Rider will officially come back next week, let’s wait and see the new surprise that the manufacturer gives us offline!


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