“Ready Player One” champion box office weekend with $ 53 million opening

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“Ready Player One” champion box office weekend with $ 53 million opening
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“Ready Player One” champion box office weekend with $ 53 million opening

The “Ready Player One” virtual reality movie easily got its first place in the box office charts in a week-long almost unrivaled movie.

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“Ready Player One” champion box office last week with $ 53 million opening 30/3/2018 – 1/4/2018

Ready Player One: $ 41.2 million ~ $ 939 billion
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony: $ 17.1 million ~ $ 389.8 billion
Black Panther: $ 11.3 million ~ $ 257.6 billion
Can Only Imagine: 10.75 million USD ~ 245 billion VND
Pacific Rim Uprising: 9.2 million USD ~ 209.7 billion VND
Sherlock Gnomes: $ 7 million ~ $ 159.6 billion
Love, Simon: $ 4.8 million ~ $ 109.4 billion
Tomb Raider: $ 4.7 million ~ $ 107.1 billion
A Wrinkle in Time: $ 4.7 million ~ $ 106.9 billion
Paul, Apostle of Christ: $ 3.5 million ~ $ 79.8 billion

Steven Spielberg’s latest film, Ready Player One, led the box office this week with $ 53 million in its first week of release. This is also the weekend marking four Easter holidays in North America with two new releases including Ready Player One.

Ready Box One 1In the international market, the film grossed $ 128 million, bringing its global total to $ 181 million. This could be a positive achievement for Warner Bros.. Although the studio has not announced the budget for Ready Player One. The book, inspired by Ernest Cline’s book, is a journey by a young man trying to disassemble a virtual reality-based (VR) game called OASIS to possess the powerful Easter egg hidden inside. there.

Second place in the ranking was the film’s only 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. Tyler Perry’s 19 th partnership with Lionsgate earned $ 17.1 million in its first week of release for second place in the chart, pushing last week’s Black Panther to the third spot.

Black Panther, though dropped a grade, but the rate of revenue decline is quite slow, more impressive as this is the 7th week from the launch. With $ 11.2 million in ticket sales this week, the Black Warriors raised their gross domestic product to $ 650 million.

Pacific Rim Uprising
Meanwhile, the Pacific Rim Uprising (Pacific Rim Rising) sales slumped from first place in last week to the top 10 this week with a total of $ 9.2 million. Still, North America is no longer the mainstream market for Legendary, as filmmaking shows the intent of the producers to move towards Chinese audiences. Uprising is likely to be rescued by Chinese screens as its current international sales have nearly tripled domestic sales. Pacific Rim Uprising’s current revenue is $ 168 million.

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Maybe next week, Ready Player One will continue to hold on to the top of the box office when two new titles, “Blockers” and “A Quiet Place”, are not. are the blockbuster, before the rage of the beasts named Rampage to theaters on April 13, 1818.


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