[REVIEW] 13-yard, compelling thriller that doesn’t need hot scene

[REVIEW] 13-yard, compelling thriller that doesn’t need hot scene
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Can see the recent Vietnam horror film is very attractive in terms of image, sound. However in addition to the grisly scene, the content extremely bland and the filmmakers just to entice the audience with hot scenes. 13 yard does not need the sexy details to the attention of the media that compelling film by the hot topic was mainstreamed in a story and convey meaning more profound message to the audience , especially the young people.

Studio 13 is a unique horror but very real. Black Cat is a group of young, ambitious adventure, preferred to be known. The way that they cause the attention is created a Youtube Channel explores the things unseen. After posting the video the mysterious discovery of a suicide jumps of a protective garment factory staff of 13, attracts millions of weekly views, Black Cat decided to break the land abandoned and they discover the true infinity crisis awful about the Ghost in the yard at 13.

The context of the workshop 13 was made in a broad yard area deserted, surrounded by the luxuriant weeds, inside the network spider John filled, and numerous ghost-owe-scary movie, soup again took place in the darkness well enough, prompting the audience to conditioning the hair back. But the one the audience not only 13 Yards by the threatened ma bland that the film reflects the reality of today’s young people.


Young people today …

Ambition they are willing to do these trivia questions views cheap.

Ambition they are willing to treat lightly the friendship and love.

Ambition they are willing to steal other people’s ideas.

They are frail and blind. They win but also tastes extremely cowardly.

Are you a young person like that?

The hot topic of the society was the Director-screenwriter Phan Minh skillfully integrating with horror elements to attractive audience, combined with a unique script has the element of surprise. Unfortunately more happenings not yet truly convincing acting, young actors yet to come, the sound effects are too dissonant and repetition are all … However 13 Yard is still a movie or by content.

You will see the ghost still more appalling is that ghost men in transient images of the father figures of violence such as the scary ghosts and more is: the popular and ambitious, curious and cowardice. But the most frightening ghosts is hatred. When love turns into hate will produce atrocities. And then the Ghost will appear.

Do you believe in this life has a ghost? 13th workshop will answer this question for you.


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