Review Batman vs superman movie – Watch Batman vs superman online free

Review Batman vs superman movie – Watch Batman vs superman online free
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Review Batman vs superman movie – Watch Batman vs superman online free

This is the first trinity movie of DC Comics universe to appear: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, experience after watching this episode can be encapsulated in a few words: 2.5 hours film that still see too short! Each scene, every piece of music, every detail of the film, each voice is worth watching to see again. This is a super product!

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At the hearing of Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman, many fans have voiced skepticism, even Ben Affleck is also advised by the filmmakers to be away for some time after the news of his acceptance of the role. , for sure will be criticized. However, I can assure you, Batman character of Ben is the most Batman that you have ever seen!

Note: This review has no spoiIer, but only reviews 3 main characters, general rating film. When you see finished shouting the quote is clearly not going to the movies and know nothing about the trailer of this movie.

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In this section, Bruce Wayne is 47 years old, and Clark Kent is only 33 years old, so Batman looks mature, more mature than the dark knight.
Talking about Ben’s Batman, he can use great words, his punches are really real and his style is “fast, strong, high-tech” just like in the story and in the cartoon, not the quirky like Bale’s.
Batman in this section shows the vision of the leader, who will lead the team of Justice League superhero.
The psychological traits of Batman’s character that led to his and Superman’s conflicts are understandable, as you remember in Man of Steel, the Superman fight against Gen Zod has left thousands of people unintentionally killed, There are many employees of the Wayne Corporation, many of Bruce Wayne’s relatives.
Since then, Bruce Wayne has kept up with the thought of trying to suppress the “god” Superman. According to him, a person is capable of destroying the earth for a few seconds, even if only 1% of the person’s abilities can be bad, one must also exert himself to restrain him.

Rating Batman characters in this section: Batman is perfect, Batman, a detective, a gladiator, a cold-headed man, a passionate man. The action scenes of Batman are very beautiful, very real and very powerful. The psychological aspect of Batman in this part is also very great, from the internal tug of the outside to reveal is really great. Well, let’s say the voice, Batman’s voice is super-cool, super cool, awesome !!!

What about Superman?

Likewise, Henry Cavill’s Superman, who has grown up, has spent more time helping people, and has witnessed more social crimes. .
In this part, Superman’s anger is frequent, he no longer looks baby, angry images are long stripes, seat is rocking, angry images are ruined, angry images are explosive. Every time I see the scene that Superman angry is afraid of fear!
So why is Superman angry? It is not difficult to understand, when you spend time and effort to help people, help life, and you are blamed is sabotage, you are angry?
When you try to protect the earth, and you are thought to be an enemy, are you angry?

The clashes between Batman vs Superman are really very exciting. You will see two close friends fighting each other, you will see how Batman’s martial arts skills face the Superman god, and how they deal with male-dominated conflicts. how.
The sequel to the trailer you see the trailer is how well, and actually witnessed it on the big screen, it’s gone nowhere.
Which leads to the conflict between Superman and Batman, he claims that Batman is acting out of the law, Batman does not follow the rules and does not respect anyone, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Wonder Woman:

His favorite character in this episode apart from Batman is Wonder Woman, first because Gal Gadot is so beautiful, her costume in the movie is very beautiful, very sexy but also very discreet, generally good. Thanks.

The beauty of Diana Prince appears to make the suspense scenes softer, making the chase scenes more agitated, making the story attractive and attractive in a beautiful and wonderful way.
And when Diana Prince became a Wonder Woman, it must be said that the whole show was cheering. Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Super Wonder, Wonder Woman. She is not afraid of any difficulty, Wonder Woman No. 1

The villain Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg’s villain Lex Luthor completes his role very well. Crazy crazy, death, but intelligence and evil are also types of bosses. Hand gestures, facial expressions, verbal expressions, gestures, general passages express something strange behind this character.


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