Five points or worse in the new movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Putlocker

Maze Runner The Death Cure
Five points or worse in the new movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Putlocker
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Five points or worse in the new movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure – Putlocker

Full of elements to greet guests at the movie theater last weekend, but the end of Maze Runner: The Death Cure caused many people to lose when the film left a few questions have not answered.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure was adapted from James Dashner’s novel of the same name for young people. However, except for the first episode, which is quite closely linked to the original, the last two volumes of the film are quite varied to induce. Surprise and curious for the viewer.

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Contrast the story line …

At the beginning of the Maze Runner series, we had the opportunity to see a mysterious Thomas being taken to the Gang Co area, where his teenage children were detained as well. They do not remember anything except their name and show their affection for where they are in solitary confinement, at least until Thomas appears. Later, Thomas unexpectedly found himself also a staff member of WCKD – ​​the organization behind this experiment with the ambition to find a vaccine against the virus is poaching humanity into the destruction. Under Thomas’s leadership, the group escapes from the maze.

Behind the labyrinth in part 1

After escaping the labyrinth under Thomas’s leadership in Part 1, the group is betrayed by her friend Teresa to the WCKD camp because she thinks she needs to “sacrifice a small group to save humanity.” Minho was snatched up by WCKD with the unexpected ending of Teresa’s turn to make a curious wait in the final part of the film when Thomas and his team had to overcome each other together. To save your friend in Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

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The end of this series almost jump into the action genre with more intense phase to make viewers look more glamorous, such as jumping on the helicopter or clinging to the roof, the boat … that you have the opportunity. see transient in the trailer. Thomas is in the Maze Runner: The Death Cure is somewhat more elaborate after the events of the first two, he will continue to lead the party to rescue Minho and expose the conspiracy of WCKD. Whether to turn your back on your team in the second is not the right decision of Teresa? Is there anything terrible inside the final labyrinth and headquarters of this organization WCKD waiting for the group to rescue Minho? These are also questions that are expected to be answered in this final section …

Although the script of the last part is easy to guess but also the film is quite easy to confuse the viewer when the evaluation or bad when leaving many questions for the audience, especially those who have ever read the whole novel. This.

Good points, bad at the end

The end of the film has more dramatic and dramatic action scenes

The film’s first commendable point was the action scenes, to say that the producers of Maze Runner: The Death Cure spent much of their time filming and plotting, even the fiery Fireman. Little land is still impressive. Explosive and chasing scenes are also very glamorous and dramatic, though many will enjoy the chase scene in the beginning as well. In addition, the scene of The Death Cure of the last boss of WCKD can easily make viewers overwhelmed by the splendor of this city, far away from the towering wall that is scaring away the life and pieces. eat to survive through the day.

But the essence of the action is also a minus point for those who love the original and the chase genre at the beginning. In fact, the content of Maze Runner: The Death Cure has no longer kept the mystery and stimulated the curiosity as the first and more or less in the second. The purpose and factions have all been revealed, the main character and his group of friends are no longer engaged in the unstoppable adventures as before, Thomas still act as “selected” and survived thanks to sewing Luckily it is calculated. This is something those who love adventurous adventure and chasing a lot of disappointment, because they need something that makes them overwhelmed and curious to try to guess as they were when confronted with the paintings. wall in the maze at the beginning.

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Which way for young warriors to break into the dead city of The Death Cure?

Last episode of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which was originally scheduled for release in early 2017, but due to the accident of lead actor Dylan O’Brien on set, delayed the film’s release. Just a year, but the audience will not be sorry for the wait. By the side of O’Brien, the reunion of the main cast and production crew, including director Wes Ball and screenwriter Nowlin, has kept the film united. There are very few film series that still retain the same remix on the team and cast, more or less give the viewer more complete feeling and this is the plus of the film.

Maze Runner The Death Cure

In the end, the third part of the movie is still worth a visit, because in the end the answer to questions about the real reason that Teresa betrayed the group was answered quite completely in The Death Cure . The film brings together the fans of the fictitious action movie genre, but it’s easy to get the curiosity of the original (and in the original) frustrated, as there are still many questions left. The answer is satisfactory, many episodes have “knot” when new / unknown characters appear, but wait forever still do not see the “open button” to explain why they are there, they are Who?

Will it be a successful film in terms of revenue?

After the success of the first season titled The Maze Runner (2014), the second installment of the film, titled Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015), was released shortly thereafter with a budget of double but also brought Revenue is 10 times (660 million USD), similar to the previous although not highly regarded as the first part of the film shifted from piracy to chase action.

Maze Runner The Death Cure

Overall, the first two parts of the movie received positive reviews from movie critics and viewers thanks to curious, thrilling and novel elements, so it’s no surprise that the third and Also the last part of the Maze Runner series is expected to surpass previous sales records, as well as answer questions about hypotheses outside the maze.

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