Review Paddington 2 – Bear’s journey is much more than fold

Review Paddington 2 – Bear’s journey is much more than fold
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Continuing the story of Part 1, after becoming a member of the Brown family, one day Paddington found a book floating in London. Wishing to donate a small gift for Lucy’s aunt, who had been carrying her at an early age, he worked hard to make a donation. Sadly, the book was stolen by the thief and Paddington found out, but he accidentally became a suspect and then fall into a labor camp.

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Like the first part, Paddington is a family-oriented movie. In this second part, the film focuses on the benevolent aspects of Paddington’s soul and those around him. From the day Paddington has its place, everything becomes fun, people become more cohesive and open. Paddington is a good catalyst in every man, from cheeky chef to sheriff, who is always in the wrong place.

Featuring the characteristics of a fantasy movie, Paddington 2 does not focus too much on practicality but toward the main human element. The film is interwoven with lovely cute bear behavior. With a child’s innocent spirit, Paddington is willing to help everyone, though sometimes it is often counterproductive. Beside the innocent moments are also very “old man” when the family fear Brown will forget about themselves and then make a bold decision that if in fact is not wise little any.

In early screenings, Paddington 2 received positive responses from critics for its witty storytelling, ingenious human factors. Even if it’s just a story of “kids,” Paddington does not lack dramatic action moments like a canine pet hunting or a search for evidence of Brown’s mysterious book and especially I do not mention the segment of the film is very attractive, although a bit ridiculous but put in the context of the film is completely understandable.

Beside deep and close content, Paddington 2 also brings the image is extremely harmonious eye. From the background of the neighborhood where the Brown family lived in pure white tones to the color of the costumes in the prison with soft pastel tones. Not much but the costume in the film is carefully selected and beautiful and sometimes you ask yourself, just to save the “bear” do not need to wear so beautiful? It is no exaggeration to say that the costumes in the movie are no less than high-fashion films like Kingsman or The Man from U.N.C.L.E. In addition, many of the scenes in the movie will make you think of famous films such as John Wick 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel or the Harry Potter series …

Although Paddington is the main character, it is impossible to mention the cast of the cast, especially the villain Phoenix Buchanan, played by actor Hugh Grant. The scenes show the musical elements interwoven Hugh is extremely subtle, each dash hit, the frown from surprise to faint. In addition, throughout the film are the juggling performances of the supporting cast from the Brown family to the prisoners are extremely interested. These minor lines of the supporting characters, such as adorn a story that is extremely special. The film sound is extremely harmonious with “color” and each context provides great relaxing moments when watching movies.

Paddington 2 is more lovely than the first, a smooth, soft film, smart script, delicate. Ignoring the unrealistic elements, Paddington 2 brings a meaningful human story, evoking the connection, the bond between every human being, a must-have movie in every movie’s closet. Family to see not only children but also adults can see themselves as well as learn to behave and teach children.

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Photos: 9, Audio: 7, Acting: 9, Screenplay: 9, Comments: 8


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