[Review] Phantom Thread: love and obsession

[Review] Phantom Thread: love and obsession
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Phantom Thread is the final film of actor Daniel Day-Lewis. It is a romantic story with horror.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps, Lesley Manville

Set in London in the 1950s, the film revolves around the life and relationships of celebrity fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis). Like many other artists, Reynolds’s composing inspiration comes from beautiful poets.

Emotion is uncertain, come and go again. When they are no longer in the eyes of the si love artists, the muse is no longer valuable. Like the way the young girl Johanna (Camilla Rutherford) despair glances to beg the talented tailor once again gives the passionate look he gave her.

But when the appearance of the waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps) has made the life of the tailor has gout aesthetic sophistication with extreme temperament, the bridge completely reversed.

Phantom Thread is a classic fashion show of the 1950s re-enacted under the hands of talented director Paul Thomas Anderson. Each frame is framed, deliberately arranged in front of the camera. It can be a scissors cut on the fabric, the delicate embroidery thread on the ribbon is highlighted under the bright yellow light, smooth soft. The segments of the skirt were slow-spinning, making it feel like watching a music video (Paul used to direct music videos by such artists as Fiona Apple, Radio Head …).

If in the movie, the tailor polished Reynolds always cherished, cherished every dress that he created. Then behind the camera, Paul Thomas Anderson also rigorous, rigorous with the frame to tell a love story so romantic poetry.

Last greeting by Daniel Day-Lewis.

At age 60, the British actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who holds the record for surviving three Oscars, announces his role in the Phantom Thread will be his goodbye. The film also marks Daniel’s 10-year reunion with the American director after the success of There Will Be Blood (2007).

Paul Thomas said Reynolds Woodcock was created based on the design of two world-renowned designers: Charles James and especially Cristóbal Balenciaga. But the behind-the-scenes look of Reynolds’s sewing is similar to that of Daniel Day-Lewis himself after more than 47 years in front of the camera.

With Reynolds, fashion is probably life. The priority of this man’s life is the dresses he cared for, the little needles, the nose. The harsh business, the pressure to maintain the upscale design of the House of Woodcock, was given to his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville). Reynolds is like a wizard who lives in his own world, not to the world.

Love, with Reynolds, is just another spice of inspiration for artistic creation. When the inspiration is no longer, then love disappears. The cry of the love of his life, only the dresses that many other women crave for themselves.

But every journey must have a stop. With Reynolds, it is exhaustion, exhaustion in the journey to find new creativity. The ghosts of the past, the frustration of seeing the art of being surrounded by money and the insecurity of the heart for a woman grows gradually makes him no longer in control of himself. The reincarnation of Reynolds should have helped Daniel Day-Lewis realize his stop.

“Before filming, I did not think about stopping acting. Both me and Paul [the director] were very happy before making this movie. And then all of us stopped laughing, overwhelmed by a sense of sadness, “said Daniel Day-Lewis in an interview with W Magazine in November 1974.

After many years of hard work, pursuing the method of acting method, forced the actor to enter the character during the recording period, even the master as Daniel Day-Lewis also saw overwhelmed.

Metaphor for the fate of the woman

Since its release, the Phantom Thread has always been associated with the name Daniel Day-Lewis. Acting British actor is still very attractive and wonderful. In fact, the full length of the movie is the stage for an unnamed actress: Vicky Krieps from Luxembourg.

If Reynolds Woodcock’s character is too predictable in terms of psychological development, the soul of Alma’s girlfriend, played by Vicky, is unknown, creating a sudden turn of events.

In the beginning, Reynolds Woodcook appeared as a man of power, surrounded by the “coveted” eyes of women. This is very clear in the words that he gave to Alma in the first to invite her to model: “No, you are perfect. Your job is to help me shine, if you like to do it. ”

Reynolds’s behavior with them is still very gentle, aristocratic, bold British nobility. But there were moments when there was a moment of tearing the curtain down, revealing the cruelty and harshness that Reynolds had for the women around her.

Alma is the opposite. Her starting point is just an unknown waitress in a remote, distant eatery. She does not think she is beautiful and always live in feelings of self-deprecating. So when Reynolds appeared, staring at her with passionate eyes, Alma’s heart knew she had endured the “caged fish bird”.

Men can live without love but women can because of love die to live again. Alma is no exception. However, the point that made her different from her mesmerizes, was the daring and determined: “I want to love him in my own way.”

Vicky Krieps’s acting and beauty are like “yummy drink drunk.” She was not in front of Daniel Day-Lewis, but she was confident in her own way, mastering every moment of her existence.

Incidentally, many of the best movies nominated for this year’s Oscars are the feminist story. Initially, the layout of the Phantom Thread appeared with Reynolds as the highlight of the women’s world. But with the change in character and love of Alma, the shadow figure of the power of the first movie disappears, leaving only a lonely, fearful and weak man.

Turns out, Reynolds always lived in the obsession of the dead mother, under the arrangement of her sister Cyril in business. And finally, to surrender to the control of his lover, Alma. The film is clearly a subtle coup that Paul Thomas Anderson has for feminists – especially those who always feel self-deprecating.

The most impressive feature of the Phantom Thread is that the story is slow, steady, calm but actually a wave inside. The film does not explain the words in words, so that the images themselves say what to say. However, this rhythm can make many viewers feel bored, impatient watching.

Behind the glamorous, glamorous look of the fashion world, the Phantom Thread is a psychological warfare between men and women in love and power. Love is not just a matter of emotion, it is also the balance of love between the more and less loved.

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